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Cruise ship passengers call for woman to be removed from holiday after 'entitled' behaviour

Cruise ship passengers call for woman to be removed from holiday after 'entitled' behaviour

The infuriating story was shared on Reddit

There's nothing worse than being confronted by a loud-mouthed, obnoxious fellow holidaymaker when you're trying to relax.

Whether it's an excessively drunk sports fan yelling football chants on the flight out, or people kicking off over sunbed wars - it's a NIGHTMARE situation.

At least in both of these predicaments, there's room to escape, however.

But for one poor cruise ship passenger and her elderly mother, one fellow traveller became SO unbearable, that they and the other guests actually voted to leave her behind.

Taking to Reddit, the 42-year-old woman explained that she and her mum had embarked on a three-week-long cruise to the remote, predominantly untouched islanders of the South Pacific.

But before they'd even departed from their starting destination in Port Moresby, there was one fellow passenger who instantly began grinding everyone's gears.

The travellers were visiting a gift shop near the harbour, waiting to be transferred onto the boat via minibus.

It was then that the dreaded woman clambered onto the bus with several huge fans, each filled to the brim with souvenirs.

The woman and her elderly mother were infuriated by the entitled passenger's behaviour.
Getty/David C Tomlinson

So much so, in fact, that none of the other passengers - many of whom were elderly - were able to get to their seats.

Instead, the rest of the group were forced to sit in 'very uncomfortable' jump-seats.

But things seemed to go from bad to worse for the cruise-shop voyagers...

After they docked in Rabaul, New Britain, they were greeted by an elaborate fire-dance routine, performed by a group of locals, each wearing ornately crafted 5ft long by 3ft wide masks.

The audience members were so delighted with their experience, that - according to the Redditer - they'd enquired about how look it would take for them to make more, hoping to taken some home as souvenirs.

Eventually, a decision was made that the masks could be bought and that they'd be delivered to the entry point of the ship.

By the time the other passengers had gotten down there, however, the 'entitled' woman had been waiting, and had purchased three of the six masks available.

The 'entitled' passenger had brought bags upon bags of luggage.
Britt Erlanson/Getty

So infuriated by the greedy passenger's behaviour, the woman recalled that she, her mother and all the other travellers had a 'virtual vote', and wanted to send her off the ship, despite knowing that this would be 'obviously impossible to follow through on', being unable to abandon her on an island.

She went on in her social media post: "That night her roommate was moved into an empty single cabin at no extra cost because there was literally no more room for her or her stuff in their cabin, and within a few more days housekeeping was unable to get into the cabin to clean.

"At the end of the trip the cruise company offered to help people box up and weigh their packages of souvenirs to send home, and entitled passenger had an absolute fit when she was told that they didn't have the boxes or the staff to help her pack up her cabin-full of souvenirs, especially the masks."

The 'entitled' woman was blacklisted from further cruises.
Buena Vista Images/Getty

The woman revealed, however, that upon raising the issue with the owner of the ship - who was onboard the boat throughout the duration of the journey - and who ensured her that the dreaded passenger had been blacklisted.

Apparently, he told the disgruntled woman, that staff on the shore had been informed about the passenger's behaviour and instructed never to let her book a trip with this company again.

Wow, talk about getting your delicious moment of vengeance...

Featured Image Credit: SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP via Getty Images/LWA/Getty Images

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