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A first-time mum was left stunned after her three-day-old baby started acting like she was a three-month-old, lifting up her head and seemingly attempting to crawl around her cot.

Samantha Mitchell was gobsmacked after giving birth to little Nyilah Daise Tzabari, who was clearly much stronger than she looked as a newborn.

Mitchell, 34, rushed to film her daughter as she confidently supported her own head and body as she lay on her front.

In the clip, Nyilah can be seen putting her arms out in front of her to support her body, with shocked onlookers saying it looked like she was even ‘crawling’.

Samantha Mitchell and daughter Nyilah.
Kennedy News

The new mum, from White Oak, Pennsylvania, US, said: "[The video shows] the first time I saw her crawl and I was in complete shock.

"I've babysat most of my life and have over 20 years' experience with children and I've never seen anything like this before.

"I guess I've never been around many babies at three days old so there are a lot of nuisances in it but I have never seen a baby like this ever.

Kennedy News

"The way she lifted her head too and was babbling left me in complete shock.

"My mother was the only other person in the room when it happened and she told me to record it.

"No one would have believed me otherwise.

"My fiancé wasn't in the room and I know if I didn't get it on film, he would not have believed me.

"The video was taken when Nyilah wasn't even a full three days old. She was two and a half days old."

She has a better core than I do.
Kennedy News

Nyilah was born three weeks late on 27 February 2023, weighing 7lbs 6oz.

The average age for a baby to start crawling is around nine months old, but Mitchell says her ‘very clever’ daughter been ahead of the curve with a number of milestones.

She said Nyliah, who is now three-months-old, is already standing with support, adding that she doesn’t think it will be long before she starts walking.

Mitchell, a content creator, continued: "Sometimes I laugh and just think I wish she could be a baby.

"I feel like I've never actually had a newborn.

"Without a doubt she will start walking soon. She stands at the moment. She puts so much weight on her legs.

Little Nyilah with her parents.
Kennedy News

"We're not trying to make her stand. She just refuses to buckle her knees and sit down.

"She isn't standing on her own yet but she stands holding us and is always trying to stand."

Mitchell claims that Nyilah tolled from her belly to her back when she was about 18 days old, and at around two months, she was rolling from her back to her belly.

Kennedy News

"I'm shocked every day by her.” she said, adding: "Around one-and-a-half-months old, she seemed to begin to imitate what we were saying to her.

"We always say I love you to her and she seemed to be trying to repeat it to us and trying to say it.

"We couldn't believe it. It is more like babbling but she is definitely trying to copy us.

"If she makes a noise and we laugh, she will keep making the noise because she knows we'll react.”

Kennedy News

Mitchell’s fiancé Ofer Tzabari, 28, said: "For me it was the first time I've been with a newborn and I thought her actions were normal until people began to tell me they weren't.

"I thought this was how babies were but actually her actions aren't average for a baby of her age.”

The couple shared the incredible footage on TikTok, where the video has received more than 47million views and six million likes.

"This baby is going to be carrying you home instead,” one user joked, while another said: "Babies born after 2020 are genuinely built different."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News

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