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There's Going To Be A UK Version Of Squid Game

There's Going To Be A UK Version Of Squid Game

Without the bloodshed and dying, obviously.

Squid Game was the surprise Netflix hit that we all were hooked on earlier this year, with the story of Gi-hun as he battled through a series of playground games with a gory twist becoming the nation’s obsession.

With the K-drama’s unique premise, garish setting and distinct characters, it’s little surprise that Squid Game is likely to be many people’s Halloween #inspo.

And some places are going an extra mile to recreate the twisted tournament in its entirety.

Some fans believe the suits are red while others see pink (

Boxpark Wembley in north west London is hosting its very own version of the games.

Staff working at Boxpark will act as the sinister faceless guards in their very own pink jumpsuits and masks – and guests will be able to participate in games from the show, including red light, green light, tug of war, marbles and of course, the actual Squid Game.

The event is being held on Saturday 30th October at from 7.30pm, with competitors being in with a chance to win £1000.

You'll be playing a number of games from the series (

Yep, it’s just like the real thing – only you won’t have to butcher your opponents, of course.

Of course, Boxpark are offering more to do for those who’d rather not get involved in the hijinks.

The venue will be decorated in full Halloween display, with food, drinks and music especially selected for the spoooooh-ky season.

To enter the games, you must be aged over 18 and purchase a ticket, which costs £10.

There’s also a prize for the best fancy dress costume, so make sure you go all out to look both sharp and scary.

Would you be tough enough to try? (

In other Halloween news, you could also visit the world’s first ‘sleepless hotel’ for the season.

Running from Thursday 28th October to Saturday 30th October, guests staying at Kraken's horror-drenched Dread & Breakfast will be deliberately kept awake and subjected to a terrifying slumber.

There will be unexpected phone calls, banging on the walls, blood-curdling screams and even uninvited visitors entering their rooms in the early hours. While it does sound like a regular night sleeping next door to noisy neighbours, Kraken says it's the first hotel where things going bump in the night is part of the deal.

You can read more about that here

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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