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Safiyya Vorajee Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Baby Azaylia One Year On From Her Death

Safiyya Vorajee Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Baby Azaylia One Year On From Her Death

Safiyya Vorajee posted a tribute to her daughter Azaylia after she died following a battle with a rare form of leukemia.

Safiyya Vorajee has shared a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter Azaylia Cain one year after she died following a courageous battle with a rare form of leukaemia.

Watch the video below:

Safiyya wore orange, the colour of leukemia awareness in the the video as she reflected on the year that has passed since the death of her daughter.

The 34-year-old shared clips of a garden arrangement designed for Azaylia, which included dozens of cuddly toys and a flower arrangement which spelled the youngster's name.

She also released doves in honour of her daughter, who passed away in April last year.

Azaylia Diamond Cain captured the hearts of the nation after battling a rare form of blood cancer, which she was diagnosed with at just eight weeks old.

Ashley and Safiyya eventually decided to share Azaylia's story on social media (
Ashley Cain/Instagram)

Safiyya also wrote a tribute which she shared on her Instagram feed alongside a clip of her cuddling Azaylia while singing the song When You Believe.

She said: “A year without my daughter you are such a beautiful baby Azaylia and when I say it doesn’t get any easier I mean that with a full heart If love could of saved you I promise you would be here with me I will hold you in my heart & forever be connected with you for eternity.

“The pain of not having my baby here on earth with me rips my body and soul to pieces everyday I open my eyes!

“Azaylia you made me a mummy and that title is the most precious one I will treasure forever , knowing I have given birth to my hero my inspiration my daughter is something I will keep close to my heart forever.

“The night before you passed we sang this song [When You Believe] together for the last time in bed, this was our song that always kept us believing in the most darkest times. 

“You achieved more in your 8months on earth than many of us will in a lifetime, you are helping so many children & families baby you are an inspiration truly missed & loved I love you keep flying high in heaven with all the other Angels

Ashley and Safiyya shared Azaylia's life on social media (
Ashley Cain/Instagram)

“With a heavy heart today and everyday baby mummy loves you so much I know your in the highest heaven and you look down on me today sat at your garden side from morning till night reflecting I love you so much.

She finished the post with: "The pain loss & emotion I’m feeling today is incredibly overwhelming.”

Ashley and Safiyya since set up the Azaylia Cain foundation, which launched on 31st August last year.

Our thoughts remain with Safiyya and Ashley.

Featured Image Credit: Safiyya Vorajee/Instagram

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