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Unreleased video of Riley Strain shows 'last known' footage of missing student

Unreleased video of Riley Strain shows 'last known' footage of missing student

The University of Missouri pupil disappeared on 8 March.

The family of Riley Strain - a University of Missouri student who seemingly disappeared into thin air earlier this month - have spoken out over the youngster's disappearance.

The 22-year-old had spent the evening partying with friends in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday 8 March, where he was asked to leave bar due to their 'conduct standards'.

Riley's last known movements

The group of fraternity brothers had visited the famous 32 Bridge bar - owned by American Idol judge Luke Bryan - before Riley was removed from the premises.

CCTV footage later showed the student stumbling down a nearby street on his own at around 9.47pm, before merging with a group of fellow drinkers a minute later, where he was seen checking his phone - possibly sending his final text.

Riley then bumped into police officer Reginald Young, who'd been called out to investigate a vehicle burglary in the local area, and asked the young student how he was feeling.

"Good, how about you?" he is heard replying on body cam footage.

The officer then continues searching cars in the local area, with this being the final reported sighting of Riley at around 9.52pm.

"No video has been discovered that shows Riley away from Gay St after the 9.52pm timeframe," authorities from Nashville police later wrote on social media.

Riley was last seen on Friday 8 March.

On the Sunday - two days after he was declared missing - his bank card was discovered on the embankment of the Cumberland River, though police declared that no suspected foul play was involved.

The unreleased footage

Yesterday (21 March), officers revealed they'd discovered further footage of Riley on the evening of his disappearance, which they wouldn't be releasing to the public.

As authorities continue to plead for anyone with any intelligence on Riley's whereabouts to come forward, Riley's family have now addressed the latest video of the student.

Speaking to NewsNation on 21 March, Riley’s stepfather, Chris Whiteid and family friend Chris Dingman have given an insight into the family's devastation.

"The video was shown to us Sunday after they found the debit card," Whiteid told viewers. "We met with police and they showed us the video.

Riley was seen on three different pieces of footage.

"It was the last known video of Riley, basically from where the body camera footage was with the officer to just right before the James Robinson bridge."

He continued: "We got to see him walking, we got to see him kind of at a fast-paced walk, almost a jog and it just shortened the last known window, anyway.”

The pair also explained that they are still hopeful that Riley will be found alive and well, despite the lack of information at the moment.

Investigating authorities have previously patrolled the surrounding areas with both drones and boats with sonar equipment in the hope of shedding light on what befell the youngster that night.

NewsNation reports that police are not sharing the new footage publicly because it's very poor quality and doesn't add any new information to the investigation.

Featured Image Credit: NewsNation/YouTube/MNPD Nashville/X

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