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Police confirm 22-year-old Riley Strain’s death appeared to be ‘accidental’ after his body was found in river

Police confirm 22-year-old Riley Strain’s death appeared to be ‘accidental’ after his body was found in river

The late University of Missouri student was recovered from Cumberland River in Nashville after being missing for two weeks.

Police have confirmed that University of Missouri student Riley Strain's tragic death appears to have been an 'accident', after his body was found last week following an extensive search.

The 22-year-old had been missing for two weeks when his body was discovered in Cumberland River, Nashville, by a local worker on Friday 22 March.

Metropolitan Nashville Police announced that his body was found in the city's Cumberland River that morning.

"The body of Riley Strain was recovered from the Cumberland River in West Nashville this morning, approximately 8 miles from downtown," the department wrote on X last week.

"No foul play-related trauma was observed. An autopsy is pending."

Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake later revealed during a press conference that they'd received a call around 7.28am from a worker at a nearby business, claiming they'd discovered Strain's body after removing an object from the river.

Riley's body was discovered on Friday 22 March.

According to authorities, in the days that followed the recovery of his body, Riley's preliminary autopsy has been completed.

Officers told WKRN that the student's death appears to be 'accidental', with no foul-play related trauma.

A police spokesperson also told the publication that toxicology reports are pending.

Riley had been partying with fraternity friends in the Tennessee nightlife hotspot on the evening of his disappearance (Friday 8 March).

Earlier that night, he was asked to leave the famous 32 Bridge bar - owned by American Idol judge Luke Bryan - after breaching the establishment's 'conduct standards'.

CCTV and police body cam footage recorded after he'd left the bar proved to show the last few moments of the youngster's life.

CCTV and police bodycam footage had captured Riley's final moments.

In one piece of footage, Riley was seen stumbling down a nearby street on his own at around 9.47pm, before merging with a group of fellow drinkers a minute later, where he was seen checking his phone.

Riley then bumped into police officer Reginald Young, who'd been called out to investigate a vehicle burglary in the local area, and asked the young student how he was feeling.

"Good, how about you?" he was heard replying on body cam footage, before the officer then continued searching cars in the local area.

Following news of Riley's heartbreaking passing, his family spoke at a press conference.

"I just ask that you mommas out there hug your babies tight tonight, please," his mother said. "Please for me. Hug your babies tight tonight."

Featured Image Credit: X/@MNPDNashville

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