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Abandoned Ukrainian Dogs Are Looking For New Homes In The UK

Abandoned Ukrainian Dogs Are Looking For New Homes In The UK

A charity is helping abandoned dogs from Ukraine find new homes in the UK during the Russian invasion.

A charity is helping abandoned dogs from Ukraine find new homes in the UK.

Paw Help Rescue and Adopt UK is a charity network that has social media pages to post pictures and details of the abandoned and stray pooches found in Ukraine.

The hope is that dogs who were left behind as families fled their homes after Russia began their invasion in Ukraine, as well as strays, can find safety in the homes of dog lovers in the UK.

Tomik is arriving in the UK on Sunday. (

The charity is run by volunteer, Elina Olifaruk, who is originally from Lviv, Ukraine and now manages the charities in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.

The charity was established in 2020 to help as a foster based rescue network for pets rescued in the Eastern European countries Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.

Paw Help UK Rescue and Adopt started a petition urging the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to waive all requirements - including a rabies test - for bringing dogs from Ukraine to the UK temporarily. This is due to the closure of factories that process the tests due to the invasion.

The charity is helping dogs find homes in the UK. (

With close to three million people fleeing Ukraine as the attacks continue, rescuing stray dogs after they’ve been abandoned is more important than ever.

Olifaruk told the BBC: “Families are scared they won’t be let through the borders with them. They cry and they’re heartbroken, but they leave them and ask us to help.”

Olifaruk said 25 dogs will arrive in the UK on Sunday to live with foster families before finding permanent homes.

Tomik is one of the adorable pups looking for a new home. He is around 2-3 years old and only weighs five kilos.

In an Instagram post, the charity said Tomik "loves humans, very friendly, cuddly and affectionate, adores kids, gentle and cute, playful but never annoying, very good with the other dogs and cats. Housetrained."

Reddy arrived in the UK from Ukraine. (

Tomik was found outside in a backyard on a small chain in old wooden box with holes as a shelter and was fed a poor diet, mainly the leftover human food, according to the charity.

He is due to arrive in the UK on Sunday and the charity is urging dog lovers to register their interest by joining their Facebook page and completing an application form.

For more information about Paw Help UK Rescue and Adopt visit their Instagram page.

Featured Image Credit: @paw_help_rescue/Instagram

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