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Influencer Patricia Rite has died from skin cancer aged 30

Influencer Patricia Rite has died from skin cancer aged 30

The Spanish fashion and beauty influencer passed away four years after being diagnosed with skin cancer.

A Spanish social media influencer has died of skin cancer aged 30 after using her platform to spread awareness about the disease.

Patricia Rite’s family announced she had passed away on her social media channels on 16 April.

The heartbreaking statement read: “Patricia left us. Her mother and her relatives ask for respect in these hard times.

“Thank you to all the people, who in one way or another, gave her support and love during this time, directly or indirectly.”

Patricia Rite has passed away.

She posted her final Instagram post on 5 April, explaining that she was admitted to hospital for treatment.

“Busy week, I was going to be treated on Tuesday but was finally admitted to hospital and treated on Friday,” she wrote.

“Since then, bad vomiting with an achy body until yesterday. I couldn’t move from the bathroom and I felt terrible.

“Today, I feel a little stronger. Since yesterday, I haven’t vomited and I’ve started eating, which I hadn’t done since Friday, and I’m starting to improve. Let’s go little by little.”

Patricia was a popular fashion influencer.

Patricia, who also appeared on the Spanish reality TV show Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa, was born in Huelva, Spain died four years after being diagnosed with skin cancer in 2019.

After building a following by sharing content on clothes and makeup brands, she transitioned to spreading awareness about skin cancer as well. She had amassed over 340,000 followers across her TikTok and Instagram pages.

She explained that her diagnosis came after the appearance of a strange mole. She visited a doctor to get a birthmark removed before she got her diagnosis, Euro reports.

Patricia often shared updates from her hospital bed.

After the news of her death was announced, Patricia’s followers shared their condolences and reflected on the devastating loss.

One social media user shared: “A huge hug to the whole family, I’m so sorry from the bottom of my heart."

Another mourner said: “I cannot believe it. Life is super unfair, Patri.”

A third person lamented: “Fly high, ever since I met you, you inspired me.”

A fourth follower penned: “My heart just skipped a beat. RIP precious, and a huge hug to her mother, family and friends.”

It’s super important to keep an eye on any moles or growths you notice on your skin, especially if they change size, colour or shape as this could be melanoma – a type of skin cancer caused by too much sun exposure.

Paricia Rite's family announced her death on 16 April.

Sunlight is our main source of ultraviolet (UV) light and causes the most skin cancer, damaging the DNA in our skin cells.

Therefore, it's important to regularly check in on our skin so that we can be fully aware of any unexpected changes.

For more information on how to spot a potentially cancerous mole, please visit our page here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@patricia_rite

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