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David Cameron Earned More In A Day Than Nurses Earn In A Year

David Cameron Earned More In A Day Than Nurses Earn In A Year

No wonder he’s been sat in Nice with his trotters up…

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

He may no longer be Prime Minister, but David Cameron hasn't found himself short of a few quid having stepped away from politics.

The former Tory leader, 54, earned a staggering $1 million a year (around £722, 285 in sterling) while working as a n adviser to the now collapsed financial company Greensill Capital, reports Financial Times.

Mr. Cameron only worked part-time at the firm, and was contracted to work 25 days a year.

Just so you can get your head around how much money that is a day, deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner made a stark comparison.

David Cameron was hauled in front of a select committee for his actions (

"David Cameron's salary in return for lobbying Tory Ministers to help his dodgy mate Lex Greensill to get access to taxpayers' money: £29,000 a day.

"A nurse's salary for saving lives on the Covid frontline: £25,000 a year.

"What a racket."

Angela Rayner is not impressed (

Mr. Cameron found himself in hot water earlier this after he was accused of exploiting private contacts with senior government officials for his own ends.

In what was labelled 'the biggest lobbying scandal for a generation', the Eton alumnus and his staff lobbied figures such as Chancellor Rishi Sunak and senior civil servant Sir Tom Scholar on 56 separate occasions in 2020, so Greensill could access funds to two government-run emergency lending schemes.

However, when Greensill did have access to the taxpayer-backed scheme, it extended its full £400m allowance of taxpayer-backed loans solely to companies linked to Sanjeev Gupta, an entrepreneur who specialises in metals. His numerous businesses are now under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister in 2016 (

In a lengthy statement discussing his time at the firm, Mr. Cameron explained: "It's important to understand that I was not on the Board of Greensill Capital, nor was I a member of the Risk or Credit Committees.

I played no role in the decisions to extend credit, or the terms on which such credit was extended, to GFG or any other customer. But that is little comfort to the many who worry about the firm's future and their jobs. They are very much in my thoughts throughout this difficult and uncertain period.

"Having said this, many of the allegations that have been made about these issues are not correct."

You can see his full statement here.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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