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Mum Has 'Miracle' Twins After Falling Pregnant While Pregnant

Mum Has 'Miracle' Twins After Falling Pregnant While Pregnant

Cara and Blake have wanted a big family for years, and were stunned when they found out they were having twins

A woman who suffered the devastation of going through three miscarriages has shared her joy at welcoming 'miracle twins' into the world.

In 2018, Cara and Blake Winhold, from Texas, US, had their first child together, and hoped of having more.

But the couple were left heartbroken when Cara sadly had three miscarriages, one of which nearly proved fatal.

In March last year, though, the 30-year-old fell pregnant again, and during her second scan, doctors revealed that she was having twins - and it turned she'd conceived the second baby while she was already pregnant.

Known as superfetation, the incredibly rare phenomenon saw Cara conceive twice, a week apart.

She said: "I got pregnant while I was already pregnant.

"I said to the doctor, 'What happened? He wasn't there the first time. What's going on?'

Cara and Blake have wanted a bigger family for some time.
Kennedy News and Media

"She said that most likely I ovulated twice, released two eggs and they got fertilised at different times, about a week apart."

She added: "I 100 percent believe it was a miracle just because of everything that happened in my pregnancy journey.

"I like to believe that it was my way of getting back the two babies that I lost and kind of them helping out in a way."

Cara and Blake welcomed Colson and his little brother Cayden into the world just minutes apart in October last year, joining their big brother Wyatt.

Cara miscarried a baby girl in 2019 and another child the following year, during which she became incredibly ill.

Recalling the moment she knew something was wrong, Cara said: "It was happening and I was lying in bed and I would get up and go to the bathroom and there was a lot of blood.

Cara fell pregnant with 'miracle twins' in March 2021.
Kennedy News and Media

"My husband was like, 'You need to go to the hospital', and by the time I went in my blood pressure was really low.

"I blacked out and they said that the tissue, which I guess is what they call the baby, had gotten stuck in my cervix and I was bleeding out and they said if I would have stayed home for maybe thirty more minutes I would have died.

"I went to therapy afterwards and I'm feeling much better about it. I was scared to get pregnant again."

The couple welcomed Colson and Cayden into the world last year.
Kennedy News and Media

In February 2021, Cara was pregnant again, but four days later, she suffered a third miscarriage.

The following month was when she discovered her 'miracles'.

"I broke down in tears and cried. I was overwhelmed, confused, but very happy," she said.

"My husband was in shock.

"Even if for some reason I couldn't have another baby we knew that wanting more kids was in our story. We were looking at plans of potentially fostering and adopting."

Cara says Colson is four pounds heavier than his little brother, and she now has to buy two sizes of everything.

But she and Blake couldn't be happier with their three little boys.

"If it's in your story and your heart and calling then don't give up on it because we didn't and we got a huge surprise and a wonderful miracle in the process," she said.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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