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Mum fined for taking daughter on holiday during term-time says she learnt more abroad

Mum fined for taking daughter on holiday during term-time says she learnt more abroad

A mum from Hull was fined for taking her daughter to Spain during term-time

A British mum has taken a school’s fine as a small sacrifice for her child’s education during their trip abroad.

Travelling the world can offer an education like no other, and that’s exactly what a mother from Hull agrees with after her daughter’s school sent her a fee for taking her out of the country during term-time.

Bekki decided that the drab British weather wasn’t up to scratch and decided to take her daughter to Spain for a holiday, which quickly resulted in a fine.

The mum has taken to social media to share her reasoning, and you have to hand it to her, the case she makes is quite convincing.

Bekki said she'd gladly get fined again.
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Bekki explained her story on Facebook after finding out about instances where 34 parents were prosecuted and hundreds fined for taking their kids out of school during term-time.

In response to these findings that were published by HullLive, Bekki aired out her frustrations with how regulations surrounding term-time holidays meant that kids missed out on enjoying the sun.

After the coalition government in 2013 tightening rules surrounding taking children out of school, this meant that parents have been facing extreme punishments for daring to take a trip during school time.

Airing her frustration, Bekki wrote: "I was one of them! Firstly, I guarantee my child learnt more in that week than she would have at school!

"She learnt so much about Spanish culture, learnt some Spanish and tried lots of new foods.

The mum said her daughter learnt more being in another country rather than being at school.
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"Secondly the £60 fine didn't come close to the savings I made. I wouldn't have been able to go if not during term time.

"Thirdly, after the crap 2 years we've had my kids and myself needed the break!

"School is obviously important, but they are other things in this world children need to see and be taught. So long as they aren't missing lots of school, I don't see the issue."

After posting her views on the social media platform, other parents came forward to share their own experience with the school system.

A woman named Anna even explained that she had to attend court over a simple trip.

Anna wrote: "I was one of those parents, asked permission in the correct manner, got absolutely zero response so took my child away. Got a fine. Refused to pay as I did everything asked of me. I'm at court Friday... wish me luck!"

Other parents shared Bekki's views.
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Another mum, Amy, agreed that taking her kids out during term time would be cost effective considering how sky-high prices are during peak times.

"Its absolutely pathetic. Not everyone can afford half term holidays! Myself and my husband work and we don't stand a chance!" she commented.

"I will be taking my kids out of school in a few years for a holiday, and I can guarantee the £240 fine will be a lot cheaper then an extra £1000 for the holiday! Absolute idiots whoever thought this was a good idea in 2013! It needs removing in 2022!"

With such a rigid and structured education plan, do you think that kids should be learning outside of the classroom during term time? Or should they wait until the summer holidays to sun it up?

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