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Mum who gave birth in back of taxi on way to hospital was sent cleaning bill

Mum who gave birth in back of taxi on way to hospital was sent cleaning bill

She gave birth without assistance and was later charged £90.

A mum who unexpectedly gave birth in the back of a taxi has complained after she was sent a cleaning bill fare of £60.

Farah Cacanindin, 26, went into labour as she made her way to what she thought was a routine hospital appointment in Buckinghamshire, and her daughter Naia was waiting for no one.

The new mum explained that she was just 13 minutes into the journey when she went into labour, and incredibly, managed to deliver her baby without any medical assistance, the Sun reports.

Perhaps needless to say, the taxi driver played his part in the quick delivery by alerting Stoke Mandeville Hospital to the imminent arrival.

Because of the unusual circumstances around her birth - which ended up taking place in the taxi as it zoomed to the hospital at 40mph - baby Naia eventually arrived wrapped in her mum's jacket.

The mum explained that the pair were treated at the hospital before they were allowed home, and to her surprise, she had a bill from the taxi company.

The mum and newborn were eventually dropped off at Stoke Mandeville hospital.
Alamy / PA Images

The new mum explained that she was charged £90 for the trip - £30 for the journey itself and £60 to clean the taxi after she gave birth.

Cacanindin said: "I understand that I did make a mess but it's a bit cheeky to have charged me.

"It was the quickest labour ever.

"My waters broke five minutes into the journey.

"The driver asked if I wanted him to pull over but I said to keep going as I believed I would make it before she was born."

The mum explained that the midwives at the hospital were shocked when she arrived having already given birth in the taxi without help.

"When we got to hospital, midwives were waiting and were shocked," she said.

"It was surreal. I didn't have a chance to be scared."

"The funny thing is the taxi firm is just down our road.

"I see the van I gave birth in right outside my house."

Farah Cacanindin gave birth without assistance in a taxi.
Alamy / Igor Stevanovic

While rare, there are certain steps that need to be taken if you have an unassisted birth in the UK and aren't already on your way to hospital.

Birth Rights state you need to notify Child Health Information Service within 36 hours that you have had a baby so that the child can be given an NHS number.

It also gives your baby access to newborn screening.

This is a legal requirement, and you must also formally register the birth with the Registrar of Births and Deaths within 42 days.

Tyla has reached out to the taxi company for comment.

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