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Woman shares one subtle way to identify if someone is in their 30s

Woman shares one subtle way to identify if someone is in their 30s

She claims there's a clue in the way you dress that shows you're a millennial

Do you think you can tell what age someone is just by looking at them?

If you’re anything like this woman, you’ve spotted the tell-tale signs.

Paige Mills went viral for her insider knowledge about one thing that allows her to spot someone in their 30s.

I’m going to trying to not be offended as someone nearing the ripe age, myself.

The TikToker blew up over her little indicator which she believes is the ultimate clue for a millennial.

Apparently there are certain 'millennial' names that give away someone is 30 plus, but there's another key sign to look out for too

Paige knew instantly that her friend was in her thirties (TikTok/@bikerbiddie)
Paige knew instantly that her friend was in her thirties (TikTok/@bikerbiddie)

After going viral and reaching over 15 million views, you’ll understand when you watch it that it’s pretty accurate.

She said to her viewers: "I became friends with a girl at the gym, and when I asked her how old she was, she asked me to guess.

"I had thought 25 or 26 this whole time and then I looked her up and down and I said 32. She said, 'Yes, that's correct. How did you know that? Most people guess a lot younger.'

"And I said, 'Because, baby, you have ankle socks on. The ankle socks will always give you away.'

"Next time you're at the gym, take a look around. Everybody over 30 — ankle socks. Everybody under 30 — crew socks. The next time I saw her, she was wearing brand-new crew socks."

Okay, ouch.

BuzzFeed spoke to Paige about her newfound stardom: "I also think people either love to be self-deprecating (like me) and think it’s fun to be profiled, or they’re very maddened by being profiled and want to comment on it, haha."

She went on to say that her gym was the perfect place to study people of all ages and what they wear: "I wear crew socks. I switched to crew after a lifetime of ankle socks around the time Covid hit. Trends take a while to grow on me; I am often very late to the party on these things."

Even though a lot of vintage styled clothing is coming back with the younger folk, Paige thinks that it’s harder to pinpoint solely based on fashion.

She said: "I agree that the younger generation is dressing like old people again. I think some of the comments were spot-on because elderly people also wear crew socks.

"So maybe the ankle sock window is smaller than I gave it credit for."

Welp, I guess I’ll be getting rid of my good old, trusted ankle socks. Thanks, Paige.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bikerbiddie

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