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McDonald's releases Christmas 2023 advert with nod to classic British rom-com

McDonald's releases Christmas 2023 advert with nod to classic British rom-com

The ad's got quite an iconic reference in there...

It's that time of year again!

As we draw closer and closer to the big day, it's clear that many of us are feeling the Yuletide spirit now that a whole load of companies have finally released their Christmas adverts including the likes of Coca-Cola, Aldi and, of course, John Lewis.

And now, none other than fast-food giant McDonald's has since joined the gang has finally shared with eager viewers this year's heartwarming Crimbo ad with a touching nod to a classic British rom-com.

Check it out:

From decorating your tree and snatching up the perfect Xmas jumper to spending a tad too much cashola on your loved ones' gifts and checking out your local Christmas Markets - many of us have a whole bunch of things we look forward to every winter to bring on that festive feeling.

One of which is tuning in for all the major annual Christmas adverts that we all look forward to every single year.

This year's 'Fancy a McDonald's' Christmas ad.

Maccies has now released theirs to the public complete with an 80s pop banger to soundtrack and some iconic Love Actually references to pair.

Now, for some context, the ad is a continuation of the company's 'Raise Your Arches' series, which sees fans of the grub to raise their eyebrows to signal when they want some McDonald's.

Set to Van Halen's smash-hit 'Jump', the ad starts off showing a range of typical scenes I'm sure we're all too familiar with at this time of year.

Watching your kids' never-ending Nativity play, standing in line at a packed-out Santa's Grotto, waiting for inevitably delayed trains and partaking in an extremely awkward office Christmas party.

The ad will make its official TV debut tomorrow (11 November).

While doing such tasks, people raise their brows to one another as a quick-fire way of communicating those three beautiful words: "Fancy a McDonald's?"

As the advert continues, it gives a sweet little nod to one of the iconic scenes in Love Actually where Mark (Andrew Lincoln) knocks on the door of Juliet (Keira Knightley) while her husband Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is in the other room.

In order to communicate with her without Peter hearing, Mark holds up a series of signs which start off with 'Say its carol singers' and goes on to confess his love to Juliet on her doorstep.

McDonald's referenced Love Actually's iconic doorstep scene in the new ad.
Universal Pictures

And Maccies decided to take some inspo from the cult classic, with the ad later showing a man holding up signs that read 'Fancy a McDonald's?' while a buzzing crowd behind him all clearly had the same idea as they headed to the fast food chain to grab a bite.

This year's long-awaited McDonald’s Christmas advert will premiere during The Voice over on ITV this Saturday (11 November) where viewers can watch the 90 second ad in full.

Featured Image Credit: McDonalds

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