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Aldi gives ‘hilarious’ response to John Lewis Christmas ad

Aldi gives ‘hilarious’ response to John Lewis Christmas ad

The budget supermarket chain has shared its response to the John Lewis ad which stars a scary venus fly trap

Aldi has officially weighed in on the brand new John Lewis Christmas advert, amid hilarious fears of 'plant-on-plant' violence.

The two-minute clip from John Lewis finally arrived on Thursday (9 November) and it focuses on a young boy named Alfie who visits a market with his gran.

He picks up a box labelled ‘grow your own perfect Christmas tree’ and asks if he can have it before he takes it home and finds a seed inside the box.

Once he plants it and watches it grow along with his mum and sibling, it soon becomes clear that the plant is not a Christmas tree at all.

It's actually a gigantic Venus flytrap named Snapper – and it looks just as terrifying as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors.

Most of the advert shows Snapper growing into a massive and quite scary plant with a very big appetite (it tries and thankfully fails to eat the family's dog).

The team behind Aldi's social media accounts have seen the advert and shared a hilarious response on Thursday (9 November) hours after it dropped.

Snapper and Alfie are the stars of the new John Lewis Christmas advert.
John Lewis

In response to a post about the advert on X, Aldi replied: "Let’s hope snapper doesn’t have a taste for carrots."

But why carrots in particular? It's not because of the clinical condition known as carotenemia - which turns people's skin a yellow-orange colour due to eating lots of carrots.

Aldi regulars will know that the store's mascot is the one and only Kevin the Carrot. The stuffed, veggie-inspired character has proven to be extremely popular after Aldi introduced him in 2016, so much so that festive versions of the anthropomorphic carrot have flown off the shelves.

Kevin the Carrot stars in Aldi's Christmas adverts, too. Last year he channelled his inner Macaulay Culkin after he was accidentally left home alone and found himself fighting off an intruder.

We all love Kevin the Carrot.

Aldi's reference did not go unnoticed by fans; one customer replied: "When ARE Kevin the carrot Christmas toys out please."

But fear not because it seems there will be no beef - in all definitions of the word - between Snapper and Kevin. The John Lewis X account shared: "We don't believe in plant on plant violence."

Well that's a relief!

Featured Image Credit: John Lewis/Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

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