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Martin Lewis urges anyone earning less than £60,000 to do quick 10-minute check

Martin Lewis urges anyone earning less than £60,000 to do quick 10-minute check

The Money Saving Expert revealed that £19 billion worth of benefits were going unclaimed every year

Martin Lewis is urging people who are earning less than £60,000 to do a 10-minute check to see if they could claim benefits.

The MoneySavingExpert has revealed that around £19 billion worth of benefits are going unclaimed every year which can be also claimed by people earning as much as £60,000.

The financial guru explained how millions could be eligible to claim 'underclaimed' benefits from the government.

These credits and benefits include: Universal Credit, Council Tax Support, Carer's Allowance, Pension Credit, Child benefit, Housing Benefit, and Water and Broadband Social tariffs.

In a MoneySavingExpert newsletter this year, he said: "We've long urged you to check to make sure you get all the benefits you're entitled to, knowing millions were due a share of billions.

"And many most in need of help, often having long paid into the system, are missing out."

Lewis further spoke about using Policy in Practice, which is a social policy software and analytics company working with councils, government, housing providers and community organisations.

Their benefit and budgeting calculator is linked to and helps people find out what support they may be eligible for.

Lewis added: "So with permission from Policy in Practice, we've taken its data of the numbers missing out on the main benefits, and added our own info on who can claim each of these many underclaimed benefits, to see if we can help get you what you're due."

Martin Lewis has shared a warning.

The MoneySavingExpert also stated that Universal Credit is the most common benefit that almost one million people have been 'missing out' on.

Lewis highlighted that while low-income households are claiming benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), individuals with a household income of up to £40,000, provided they have children, childcare costs, and rent can still be eligible for it.

Lewis has campaigned for one benefit for several years - Pension Credit which is paid to those on a low income and who claim the state pension.

Roughly 850,000 pensioners are believed to be eligible to claim but are not currently.

People who claim this before 19 May will be entitled to receive the first £301 cost of living payment along with the future cost of living payments.

He said: "Pension Credit tops up your income. On average it's worth £3,500/yr, but claim even if you're only due 50p, as its superpower is to qualify you for extra benefits like council tax reduction and free TV licences."

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