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Man saves a woman from paying £120 fixed penalty notice fine with simple explanation

Man saves a woman from paying £120 fixed penalty notice fine with simple explanation

A man has saved a woman who apparently littered from paying a £120 fixed penalty notice as it was issued by a private company

A man has saved a woman from paying an 'unnecessary' £120 fine after she was stopped by a private company.

There's nothing quite as annoying that getting a fine, especially when you know it can easily be preventable.

Well, this one woman in Manchester managed to dodge paying a litter fine, and there's a simple explanation on how to get around it.

Dan Gleeballs Scambaiter (@dangleeballsyoutube) on TikTok has been posting videos of himself confronting the private company 3GS. The agency is hired by Manchester City Council to issue fixed penalty notices to people for a variety of different environmental offences.

These include littering, graffiti offences or fly posting, unauthorised leafleting and not clearing up dog fouling or controlling a dog.

The TikToker recently filmed himself joining an altercation between 3GS officers and a woman who apparently littered in Manchester's city centre.

Rushing over to the woman, the man is heard asking if she has given any of her details to the officers.

The woman said no, to which the man added: "Amazing, they are a private company, if you give them details you are consenting - you have the right to walk away, you have the right to remain silent."

The officers were caught trying to fine a woman who had 'accidentally littered'.

While one officer says they are authorised by the council, the TikToker tells the woman to pick up the litter and that will be the end of the matter.

The woman says that she didn't litter intentionally, with one of the officers arguing that she did intentionally throw it on the ground.

After continued arguing, the TikToker said: "This is clearly not going to work guys, the lady accidently abandoned her litter, she picked it up."

At this point the woman crosses the road with the two 3GS officers slowly walking behind.

Now on the other side the road, the officers try one last time to force through the fine, but the man says they have done their job by issuing her a warning.

Fixed penalty notices can be the worse, but there is a way around the ones 3GS impose.
Jack Sullivan / Alamy Stock Photo

With the camera still rolling, the two officers walk away - the TikToker is heard saying 'bye bye' as they walk into the distance.

This is one of many TikTok videos on the man's channel stopping 3GS officers from fining people in Manchester.

On the Manchester City Council website, they say if the fine is paid within ten days it will be lowered, but warned if it isn't paid it may result in a larger fine.

Featured Image Credit: @dangleeballsyoutube/TikTok

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