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Woman faces backlash after turning down $200,000 offer from stranger for her dog

Woman faces backlash after turning down $200,000 offer from stranger for her dog

One TikToker was caught in a storm after explaining why she didn't let a stranger buy her dog

Dogs might be known as a man’s best friend, but it looks as if they're a woman’s too after this good-hearted choice.

We all love our furry friends, after all, they’re not only cute but amazing for companionship too.

But this didn’t stop a furious debate from erupting on social media after a woman explained why she said no when a stranger offered to buy her dog for a hefty price.

$200,000 for anything is a lot of money, but this woman wasn’t pleased when a randomer offered to buy her dog.

TikTok user Alexis Elliott shared her story on her TikTok page under the username @itsalexiselliott.

In the video Elliott said: “Someone offered us $200,000 for our puppy and I told my husband absolutely f****** not because I birthed her.

“Would you guys sell your dogs for 200k? Like, that is my baby. That is my baby, I birthed her, that is my child.

“Like, there is no money, I would not sell her, but it just got me thinking. I wonder if people would have taken that 200k, and this was like legit.”

She went on to say that her dog was an important part of her family, and that no amount of money would ever lead her to sell her.

Alexis Elliot WILL NOT be selling her dog, thank you very much.
TikTok/ @itsalexiselliott

While some users went on to agree, others were baffled by the exchange.

One user commented: “I would absolutely without even thinking about it LMAO.”

Another wrote: “Honestly yes lol 200k would change my life. as long as they seemed like good people.”

“It’s a crime to not accept 200k,” one said.

The Doberman pinscher is safe with her mum.
TikTok/ @itsalexiselliott

“In this economy? Yes,” decided one person.

A user stated: “Would run upstairs so fast and pack his bag.”

Someone else wouldn’t hesitate: “I absolutely would!! plus you did not birth that dog. They're not real babies.”

But some were fully on the side of the dog owner, believing that they are important members of the family, and that money can’t buy a great dog.

One person lamented: “A lot of you in these comments don’t deserve a dog.”

Another said: “Why are ppl saying yes, we are the light of our dogs lives. no amt is enough to sell my baby.”

“ABSOLUTELY NOT. The people saying yes should not have a dog tbh, that boy is my life,” another dog lover said.

“In no lifetime would I ever sell my dog for any amount of money. Ever."

Would you give up your pupper?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@itsalexiselliott

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