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Mum finds husband dead in bed after she slept in kids’ bed following grandma's funeral

Mum finds husband dead in bed after she slept in kids’ bed following grandma's funeral

The heartbroken woman attempted chest compressions before paramedics proclaimed him dead

A London-born mother-of-one was this week plunged into her worst nightmare after discovering her husband lying dead in her bed one morning.

Sophie Hugill had attended her own grandmother's funeral on 9 February, the day prior to making her devastating discovery.

Returning home from the ceremony following an emotional day, a devastated Sophie, her husband Mark and their son Harvey - all from Bromley - went to bed at around 11pm.

Sophie discovered her husband dead in her bed.

After tucking her little boy - who has autism, ADHD and speech delays - into bed, however, the exhausted mum promptly fell asleep beside him instead of heading to her own bedroom, which she shared with Mark.

Waking up the next morning - realising she'd dozed off to sleep in the wrong bed - she crossed the hallway to her own room at around 9.30am, where she discovered her beloved husband's unconscious body lying in their bed.

Despite fighting 'to bring him back', Sophie was unable to perform proper chest compressions, being that Mark - who suffered with type 2 diabetes - had become accidentally 'wedged against the wall'.

Unable to revive him, the heartbroken mum immediately called the emergency services hoping to gain some advice.

However, having taken around 45 minutes to arrive to their London home, paramedics were forced to declare that 37-year-old Mark had died, and that there was nothing more they could do.

Sophie bravely told press at the time: "I really tried to bring him back, but I think he was gone when I first found him. My life changed from walking from my son's room to mine, all within five steps."

She went on to describe her late husband as a man that did 'everything he possibly could' for his family, before revealing she'd soon have to give up her and son Harvey's rental home, being that her sole income wouldn't be enough to pay the bills, and that she'd been left 'frightened' for the future.

"I know why Mark worked so hard, I am so scared about mine and Harvey’s future, we had it all planned out. I can’t stay private renting, we barely did it together, let alone on my own," she explained.

Sophie is worried for she and son Harvey's future.

Since that stomach-wrenching day, a fundraiser - aimed at providing some 'security' for Sophie's family - has been set up.

"Sophie's husband, Mark, died suddenly in the night," the GoFundMe page explained.

"He was only 37 years old and they have an autistic son together.

"Mark was an incredible dad, despite his son having challenges, he spent every waking minute that he wasn't working doting on his family. Making them happy was his life's mission!"

It continued: "Sophie works in the special needs school that her son attends. She is a kind and selfless person, who is obviously broken by what's happened. We are hoping to raise funds to help contribute towards the funeral costs and help Sophie move forward in a now different journey of raising her son.

"Although there's nothing we can do about this awful tragedy, we are hoping to ease her financial burden and to help Sophie bring up her boy without her beloved Mark by her side."

To donate to the GoFundMe, click here.

Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe

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