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Davide explains why he’s not in the Love Island Whatsapp group

Davide explains why he’s not in the Love Island Whatsapp group

Davide isn't ignoring you, he promises

Davide Sanclimenti has explained why he hasn't been added to the Love Island cast's group chat since leaving the villa - and he swears there's no hard feelings!

The self-named 'Italian snack' strutted into this season on episode one, charming his co-stars and viewers at home with his suave accent and his iconic one-liners, before going on to win the entire show eight weeks later with the beautiful Ekin-Su Culculoglu by his side.

That's why fans were so confused last month, when Davide revealed that he hadn't been added to the Whatsapp group chat that's been set up among this year's islanders.

Davide isn't in the Love Island Whatsapp group chat.

"I am not in any Whatsapp groups still. Nobody invites me into them", the Love Island champion had told The Sun.

Thankfully, Davide has gotten to the bottom of the problem and, no, he wasn't excluded from the gang.

"It's actually my fault, this story of the WhatsApp group", Davide admitted.

"On WhatsApp I've got my Italian number. So if you want to do phone calls you can use my English number but on Whatsapp I've got my Italian number.

"So if you try to use my English number, you are, like, blocked."

It sounds like Davide isn't really missing out on much anyway, since Ekin-Su has assured him that the group chat is pretty much dead.

"No one speaks on there", she insisted.

"I mean, we've still got one active. The last time everyone had a proper chat on there was two months ago."

Instead, Ekin prefers to chat to her Love Island buddies individually.

Davide isn't missing much.

"It's not like we have a WhatsApp group and everyone's waiting for everyone to speak, you know? "Because they're so busy like Dami and Indiyah are busy. You've got Tasha and Andrea, busy. Gemma and Luca." - this chat was pre-break-up, of course - "Everyone's got their own thing. And they all have a relationship to focus on. So having this [group chat] might be a bit much."

Speaking of being busy, Ekin-Su and Davide are the couple that never stops.

Next week, the Love Island winners are coming out with their own travel show, Ekin-Su and Davide: Homecomings, which will see the lovers travel to each other's home countries.

While episode one will see Davide bring Ekin-Su to Italy and his hometown Frosinone to meet his family, Ekin will bring Davide to meet her relatives in Istanbul in part two.

Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings airs at 9pm on Monday 28 November and Tuesday 29 November at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@davidesancli

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