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Customers at restaurant vomit blood after being served dry ice instead of mouth freshener

Customers at restaurant vomit blood after being served dry ice instead of mouth freshener

The Indian eatery's owner has since been arrested

Diners enjoying a meal at a restaurant in India were soon left frightened for their lives over the weekend, when they began 'vomiting blood' minutes into their meal.

The horrific incident occurred at a restaurant in the northern city of Gurugram on Saturday evening, with a stomach-churning video having since gone viral on social media.

Ankit Kumar, one of the five customers affected, later told police that he, his wife Neha Sabarwal and three of their friends Manika Goenka, Pritika Rustagi, Deepak Aroda and Himani were quickly rushed to hospital after their mouths started pouring blood.

Minutes earlier, the group of diners had finished their meal at the popular cafe and - according to Indian Express - were served packets of mouth freshener, which were later described on the bill as 'sugar and spice' palate cleansers, which are traditionally served after meals in this region.

It quickly transpired that the five customers had been served dry ice in their drinks after their mouths began burning and bleeding, with deep red liquid filmed dripping from their faces immediately upon consumption.

According to investigating police officers, the packet handed to the group contained dry ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide used as a cooling agent, often used aesthetically to create a smoke/steam-like affect.

One diner's tongue was seen bleeding.

In the disturbing footage - which has since been trending online - one female diner can be seen crying in agony, with her mouth producing masses of blood.

Another segment of the video saw a male diner attempting to wash out his mouth whilst vomiting.

Ankit did not ingest the contents of the packets, as he was holding his one-year-old daughter in his arms at the time, but was left terrified after his wife and their friends began screaming in pain.

He and the other four customers were rushed to the nearest emergency room, where they were treated by doctors for two days until being discharged on Monday.

The British broadcaster also revealed that the manager of the eatery - identified as 30-year-old Gagandeep - has been arrested on suspicion of poisoning 'with the intent to cause hurt or harm'.

A man was vomiting blood.

The restaurant boss told police during a preliminary interrogation that the incident was 'due to negligence by the restaurant staff that a packet of mouth freshener and dry ice got mixed mistakenly.'

A law enforcement official added: "He said there was no ill-intention towards the guests and what happened was unfortunate."

The owner of the cafe - a Mr Amritpal Singh - has since been on the run, and is wanted by police.

Medics at the hospital treating the five diners went on to confirm that the group had ingested dry ice, which causes severe burns to the esophagus and stomach, and in extreme cases, can result in death.

"I showed the packet of mouth freshener to a doctor, who said it was dry ice," Ankit told the BBC. "According to the doctor, it is an acid which can lead to death."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nehu_sabarwal

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