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A Glastonbury fan couldn’t help but burst into laughter as she was interviewed on live TV.

As music lovers started to arrive at the iconic festival yesterday (20 June), the crowds of people might not have necessarily been camera-ready or wanting their face spread across the nation.

While others go viral for their hysterical responses to interviewers at the festival, this woman couldn’t quite contain herself during her shot at fame - making it just as memorable.

It’s fair to say going live on BBC Breakfast was probably not what she expected when she woke up that morning.

Looking for Glasto-arrivers to chat too, the reporter spotted the young woman and headed over, camera in tow.

“You’re looking quite friendly. You’re live on the BBC,” he said.

This Glasto-goer wasn't quite prepared to talk on live TV.

But quickly bursting into laughter, all she could really get out at first was a worried ‘oh no’ and an ‘oh gosh’. We just have to hope she hadn’t rang in sick to work this week.

The BBC reporter went on with the interview as he asked: “How do you feel to have finally made it into Glastonbury?”

Probably awake since the early hours that morning (if she’d manage to sleep in between all the festival excitement), the unnamed woman struggled to get any words out as she couldn’t stop laughing.

He pointed out the obvious that she was ‘laughing a lot’ and said she’s definitely ‘having fun’ as she managed to string some words together in between a fit of giggles and said: “Very excited.”

The reporter tried to help her out a little by saying: “Let’s gather, gather. One act you’re looking forward to seeing.”

This was a much easier question for festival-goer to answer as she admitted that she couldn't wait to see Lizzo take to the stage.

Lizzo will take to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury on Saturday night.
UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

The ‘Good as Hell’ singer is set to take to the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night (24 June).

The reporter then put the woman on the spot with a divisive, but maybe not so tricky question, asking: “Should she be headlining over Guns N’ Roses?”

Of course, she answered: “I think so,” before giggling away some more.

Finally free to laugh in peace she was told: “You just held that together. That was live on BBC Breakfast by the way.”

Looking a little embarrassed the woman blurted out an ‘oh god’ while making a quick escape to finally go and enjoy the festival.

Glastonbury runs from Wednesday 21 June until Sunday 25 June in Pilton, Somerset. Some of the other artists taking to the stages include Lewis Capaldi, Elton John, Lana Del Ray, Lil Nas X and Wizkid.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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