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A Glastonbury icon has already been born. On the day she arrived, this 'queen' became a favourite of the news reports coming from the festival.

The annual event kicked off this week with music-lovers beginning to arrive at the fields in Somerset from Wednesday (21 June).

And while all those of us who didn’t manage to bag tickets try and watch on without being bitter, those who are there face the first challenge of actually getting to the campsite.

It can be quite the trawl - especially when you’ve got bags packed with camping equipment, stunning outfits and plenty of snacks.

And one woman was caught on camera struggling with her pull-along trolley by the BBC.

The woman was quite confused by the question at first.

Wearing shorts and a sweatshirt, the unnamed young woman stood with rollers in her hair as the journalist asked: “The rollers, explain.”

But she, naturally of course, just assumed he meant the broken wheels that were supposed to be transporting her stuff and replied: “I know, it’s not great.

“So we were walking and then it all just snapped. So now we’ve literally had to drag it the whole way, it’s a nightmare.”

The journalist wasn’t going to let it go though, asking again: “And the rollers?”

Looking rather confused, she simply said: “What rollers?”

The woman then burst into laughter and said with her Scouse accent: “Oh, me rollers! I thought you meant the rollers, the wheels of the thing.

“I just got a curly blow this morning.”

People are 'obsessed' with the 'icon'.

Of course, she was just making sure she was as best prepared for the festival ahead by arriving with her hair ready to bounce.

And now, her simple exchange with the reporter has made her go viral, with Twitter users absolutely ‘obsessed’ with this total Glastonbury ‘icon’.


Another put: “Women’s stories matter, they just matter. I hope she’s having the best week of her life. Icon, legend, the moment. Scouse and proud.”


One hopeful person added: “My goal for Glastonbury is to meet her.”

Even drag queen The Vivienne tweeted: “Camp!”

Obviously she’s not the only one, with another Twitter user writing: “It’s honestly my fave part of glasto is seeing all the scouse girlies arriving with their rollers in.”

And another at the festival added: “Nah I saw about 20 huns yesterday with their rollers in.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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