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Morrisons Praised For Offering Pre-Packed Bags Of Shopping For Food Banks

Morrisons Praised For Offering Pre-Packed Bags Of Shopping For Food Banks

A genius idea.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Morrisons supermarkets are helping out their local food banks by selling pre-packed bags of shopping which are then donated.

Shoppers can head to any Morrisons store in the UK and choose a bag, which are priced between £1 and £5, as part as their usual groceries.

Shoppers can pick up a pre-packed bag from the front of the store (
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After they've paid, customers can place their bags in a labelled trolly to be collected by volunteers at their loca lfood bank.

The bags, which Morrisons have dubbed "Pick-Up Packs", were introduced by the store as a means to help food banks, which can often be overloaded with too much of a certain product.

The stores are working with different food banks to assess what is needed before compiling the Pick-Up Packs.

Bags will contain everyday non-perishable products such as tinned foods, coffee and soups, as well as sanitary products.

The idea was first pitched to the store by worker Michelle Leary, who noticed customers were uncertain about what products to donate to food banks.

Shoppers have been full of praise for the idea, with one taking to Twitter to say how much she loved the idea.

The supermarket is working with local food banks (

"Such a fantastic idea from Morrisons," she said. "Pick up a pre-packed bag of shopping, on your way in (that costs less than a coffee) pay for it with your shop, put it in the cage on your way out for the food bank."

"This is a great idea!" agreed another Twitter user.

"Currently in a queue with a couple of bags... Less than one of my bottles of wine and an easy way to donate!" said another.

The supermarket also tweeted how they were giving away 15,000 lunchboxes every day during the half-term break to combat holiday hunger.

The news comes amid growing anger towards the government after they voted down a motion presented by Labour MPs to keep providing free school meals to children during the half-term break.

Restaurants and eateries up and down the country have now offered to help feed hungry families by providing free meals over the week.

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