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Mum claims she 'beat cost of living crisis' by shopping for baby clothes on website with 95% discount

Mum claims she 'beat cost of living crisis' by shopping for baby clothes on website with 95% discount

She claims to have saved thousands on the app

While tiny clothes can have a big impact on both your wallet and the environment - one savvy mum has found a way to 'beat the cost of living crisis' by snapping up her son's wardrobe on Vinted, for a huge 95% less than you'd pay in store.

Mum-of-one, Rosie Beech, claims to have totted up her total discounts and estimates she's £5,000 better off than she'd be if she'd headed to the high street.

She's even bagged £400 from reselling her 15-month-old Jack's outfits once he'd outgrown them, giving them a second life and saving them from landfill or gathering dust in her home.

Like many new mums, as she edged closer and closer to her due date, 31-year-old Rosie was left reeling by the RRP of baby clothes and toys.


A few of her friends suggested she try Vinted, an online marketplace app, so she decided to give it a go.

Faster than you can say 'Braxton Hicks' and 'swollen ankles', the mum-to-be says she was instantly sold by the platform (pun fully intended).

Rejecting the lure of the high-street and midnight online shopping during third-trimester insomnia, she bagged 80% of little Jack's wardrobe from the app - meaning his thrifted, off-season wardrobe is as unique as he is.

And forget cheap, poor-quality finds: these are clothes worth rewearing.

Think £50 Ralph Lauren baby grows for as little as £2, £20 M&S dungarees for £2 and a £50 pram suit for just £4.50.

She explains: "You could go to a designer outlet and be spending £30-£40 on a baby grow but on Vinted get it for £3 - it's a no-brainer."

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She also shares that upgrading to bundles and making offers on items you want gets you more bang for your buck.

The marketing and social media manager says that, as a first-time mum, shopping ethically and becoming part of an online community of fellow mums is also important to her.

"Using Vinted has helped me beat the cost of living crisis," the Windsor-based mum says.

"Babies go through things so quickly and it's lovely going shopping for them, the novelty hasn't worn off yet and he's 15 months, but there's no getting away from the fact that it's expensive.

"I think if I didn't have Vinted, I would have felt more overwhelmed and worried thinking 'he's growing so quickly, do I need to do an online shop and buy things?'" she explained.

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She admits that becoming a mum has made her even more keen to bag a bargain: "I've always been a bit of a bargain hunter and love a bargain but since having Jack, it's gone tenfold.

"I want to get the best for him for the best price and make sure that I'm spending my precious money where I can on things like family days out because things are so expensive these days."

Her concern for the planet also elevated once she brought life into the world: "When you have a baby you realise how large your carbon footprint becomes from single-use items that you have to use because your little baby's a whirlwind of mess.

"So knowing that I'm not contributing towards the landfill where he wears it once and I chuck it in the bin or someone else has worn it once and they chuck it in the bin, [is good]," she says.

A Vinted spokesman said: "We're proud to see that Vinted can be a good place for people to make a little money and find great products for a little less, whilst having a lower climate impact than buying new."

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