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Father was asked to choose between mum or baby following traumatic delivery

Father was asked to choose between mum or baby following traumatic delivery

Michael was asked to choose between his partner and baby's lives when his fiancée was just 18 weeks pregnant.

A father has revealed the moment when he was asked to chose between his wife and baby's lives during a traumatic delivery.

Michael Gerry Fotheringham McConnell, 33, from Falkirk, Scotland, and his fiancée Stephanie Brown experienced difficulties when, at 18 weeks pregnant, Stephanie started leaking amniotic fluid, the liquid which surrounds the foetus, and they soon were booked in for further tests.

Michael was asked a heartbreaking question.
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Michael said: "The doctor that would deliver took me to one side and asked, 'if push comes to shove, who survives? Mother or baby?'"

The couple went on to have a risky, premature delivery in November last year, welcoming their son Mickey Robert Gerry Fotheringham McConnell, who weighed just a pound and three ounces, three months early.

Mickey went on to spend eight months in hospital, but he sadly passed away on July 24 after he developed methaemoglobinaemia, a condition that results in the lungs failing to transport enough oxygen to a person's cells.

In Mickey's case, this prevented his organs from developing properly.

Michael described Mickey as a 'wee warrior', and said: "He's the brightest star I've ever known."

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Recounting the traumatic delivery, Michael said: "The room was full of midwives and doctors.

"I was terrified when I saw all these people and the looks on their faces told me the severity of Stephanie's condition.

"When I learned my fiancée's life was in danger, my heart froze – all I cared about in that moment was her being OK."

But despite the risks of the couple welcoming their son so prematurely, they decided to take the chance.

Michael said: "Everyone was skeptical about his survival. I've been by [Stephanie's] side through the worst and scariest times in my life.

"With her losing fluid, having to hold Mickey in her body for six weeks – it was exhausting, physically and mentally.

"There was a good chance that the placenta had stuck on Steph's stomach and bladder, a C-section was their answer to prevent this being a danger."

Mickey was described by his dad as a 'wee warrior'.
Jam Press

Michael said his son did improve despite being so premature, and the family were getting ready to finally bring him home when he sadly fell ill.

Tragically, while his body got bigger, his organs failed to develop properly as a result of methaemoglobinaemia.

The family has now set up a GoFundMe to help give Mickey the 'send off he deserves'.

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