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Heartbreaking final post from father before he and four children died in house fire

Heartbreaking final post from father before he and four children died in house fire

The youngest was just one-month-old

Four young children and their father have tragically died as the result of a late-night house fire in Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

The Westmoreland County coroner has confirmed the deaths of the five family members after the fire broke out at around midnight on Wednesday (20 March).

There were eight people in the house at the time - two parents and their six small children.

The coroner has since identified those who died as 27-year-old Tyler King, seven-year-old Kyson John, six-year-old Kinzleigh John, three-year-old Keagan John and one-month-old Korbyn John.

A fatal house fire took place around midnight on Wednesday (20 March).
Westmoreland City Fire Department

Three family members, mum Miranda John, 10-year-old Kayden John and one-year-old Kash John, were rescued from the house fire.

Miranda is currently in table condition and her two sons are in the ICU in critical condition.

"It's a very sad night here in Jeannette," Fire Chief Bill Frye said. "Please keep the family and the first responders that responded tonight in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks here in the city."

Miranda's cousin, Natasha Reaggle, spoke to KDKA-TV on Wednesday offering tributes to each of the victims.

"A mother lost four of her beloved children and the love of her life. For the last 12 years," she said.

"Miranda and Tyler shared a love that most dream of. Tyler was an amazing, kind-hearted person who always had a smile on his face."

"Kinsley was a spunky spirit and a spitting image of her mother," Miranda added. "A small but mighty and loved being a cheerleader.

"Kyson would melt you with a look, a child of few words but said the most. He had an artistic spirit and loved drawing. Keagan was a spitfire and a daddy's boy who loved dinosaurs and fighting with his cousin, Laya.

The youngest victim of the house fire was only born last month (9 February).

"Corbin was only one month but was the piece that truly completed the family."

Tyler regularly shared photos of his children to Facebook.

Speaking about Korbyn, the youngest victim of the house fire who was only born last month (9 February), Tyler previously posted that their family was 'now complete' after welcoming him.

He continued: "I can’t wait to take you home for the kiddos to see. I can't wait to see where life takes you baby."

And, less than 24 hours before the fatal fire started, Tyler reposted a message to his Facebook which read: "DNA doesn’t make you a parent.

"Your presence, effort and actions do."

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Tyler King / Westmoreland City Fire Department

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