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Facebook and Instagram users think they’ve been hacked after being logged out of their accounts

Facebook and Instagram users think they’ve been hacked after being logged out of their accounts

People all over are racing to Twitter to get to the bottom of the ordeal

Yes guys, Facebook and Instagram are having major outages and people are quite literally losing their minds.

Meta went down earlier this afternoon (5 March) and ever since, people have been rushing to X (formerly Twitter) to share their frenzied reactions.

People all across the globe have been left in an absolute frenzy with concerns of getting 'hacked' after being logged out of their accounts.

Meta experienced a major outage this afternoon (5 March).
Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images

One X user penned: "Is Meta down or am I being hacked? My Instagram isn’t loading and my Facebook is also 'session logged out'."

A second chimed in: "Is it just me or my Facebook got hacked? I got logged out of my account and I cant login back saying my password is wrong."

"I wondered if I was being hacked too. I just got booted out of Facebook for no reason. I can't log back in. It tells me my password is wrong," a third added.

"POV: You’re on X to make sure your Facebook and Instagram wasn’t hacked," wrote a fourth while a fifth asked: "Did Facebook just get hacked? Anyone else got logged out of their account? What's going on? Oh my!" another said.

Well, to put all the speculation to rest, you'll be happy to know it is a platform-wide problem and you are not in fact being hacked.

Social media users rushed to Twitter to comment on the fiasco.
Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

"The social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, both owned by Meta, are currently experiencing an outage," explained one Twitter user. "If you are having trouble logging in, there is no need to panic, you didn't get hacked (I panicked too)."

Another admitted: "Not me changing my passwords on FB three times in five minutes thinking I got hacked only to find out that Facebook/IG are down for everyone. Adrenaline is pumping."

"Facebook & IG are down and I definitely thought my account was hacked. Close call," echoed a third, while a fourth assured: "Facebook is down... Instagram is down... it’s not your internet... your account isn’t being hacked."

It has since been reported that there were more than 300,000 reports of outages for Facebook, while there were more than 20,000 reports for Instagram, according to outage tracking website, which tracks outages by collating status reports from several sources, including users.

There has still yet to be an official explanation or statement from Facebook or Meta about the outage so it looks like we're all just be stuck here hanging about until it sorts itself out...

Tyla has reached out to Meta for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images/Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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