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Influencer Elena Huelva has died aged just 20

Influencer Elena Huelva has died aged just 20

Social media influencer Elena Huelva has passed away at the age of 20 following a six-year battle with cancer.

Social media influencer Elena Huelva has sadly passed away at the age of 20 following a battle with a rare form of cancer.

The popular influencer was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer called Ewing sarcoma in 2016 - a type of cancer that mainly affects children and young people.

Huelva, from Seville, Spain, had close to 1 million followers on Instagram, where she documented her fight against the cruel disease.

In December, Huelva took to her Instagram page to share what would be a final video goodbye video after beginning end-of-life care.

She was told by doctors that her condition had deteriorated and that the cancer had spread to her throat - making it difficult for her to breath.

The influencer had been receiving end-of-life care.

Speaking from her hospital bed, Huelva (translated from English to Spanish) said: "They found more disease in my windpipe, which is very dangerous, as you know because that's where we breathe. I don't need to say much more."

The Daily Mail reports that despite Huelva receiving end-of-life care over Christmas and her conditioning worsening, she was able to spend time at home with her family during Christmas.

Despite her condition deteriorating, Huelva was able to share one final post with her followers before she passed away.

Captioning a picture with her holding a loved ones' hand, Huelva wrote: "Today I woke up not in the best way, in fact, nothing good, a big scare.

"These are very difficult days, they are becoming more and more complicated, but as you know I am stronger and more complicated!

"I want you to know that I already won, a long time ago. We continue, always."

She then signed off with the name of her book - 'We continue, always'.

Huelva posted one last time to Instagram after the new year.

A family member confirmed that Huelva passed away on Tuesday (3 January) after posting a photo on her Instagram story, they said: "Since this morning, Elena dances and looks down at you from her star. Thank you for everything."

Tributes have been pouring in for Huelva, with many praising her for the positive attitude she displayed online despite fighting such a devastating disease.

One person said: "You were a being of light on earth and you will be the star that shines the brightest in the sky."

A second added: "You will always be unstoppable. A big hug to heaven and to all Elena's family and friends."

And a third said: "Rest in peace, Elena! You have been and are an inspiration. "

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/elenahuelva02

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