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This Pregnant Dog Is Living Her Best Life With Pickles And Ice-Cream

This Pregnant Dog Is Living Her Best Life With Pickles And Ice-Cream

Pregnancy cravings, eh?

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A golden retriever named Kula has absolutely won at Instagram after her owner made light of the news that she had puppies on the way.

The pregnant pooch and her pup Rodney, from San Diego, California, already have a massive following on Instagram, with over 8000 followers between them.

But the expecting mum went viral after being snapped on the sofa alongside an In-N-Out burger, a huge jar of pickles and some Haagen Daaz, with her teats and protruding belly on full display.

Those pregnancy cravings, eh!

"We're gonna need a lot more pickles, ice cream and @innout pupper patties soon!," the caption read alongside the post.

We're sure she didn't actually eat the ice cream, obvs.

The hilarious post came just weeks before Kula welcomed eight new puppies, following over thirty hours of labour and a six hour delivery.

Kula and Rodney announced the pregnancy just after Christmas, sharing an adorable post in which Rodney broke it to their followers via two signs she enthusiastically held in her mouth.

The signs read: "I'm excited to announce...I'm going to be a big sister!"

And both doggos looked positively thrilled as they posed up a storm for the mini photoshoot.

The photo's caption read: "Rodney is just about to burst with the pawsome news she wants to share!"

Our hearts. Congrats new to mama Kula on her new arrivals!

This isn't the first time a pet has become an internet sensation for being relatable AF.

Need we remind you of the chonky Sphynx cat named Amsterdam who was literally *all* of us in January as she lounged on the sofa with her belly out?

Amsterdam the chonky cat is all of us (

Much like Kula, the Buddha-bellied Sphynx cat posed with his abundance of rolls on full display in a picture captured by her adoring owner.

And clearly he'd eaten plenty over Christmas!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Heyitskula

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