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Currys introduces paid leave for employees having fertility treatment

Currys introduces paid leave for employees having fertility treatment

Currys is bringing in paid leave for their employees to get fertility treatment and gender reassignment

Employees at Currys will be able to take paid leave for important medical procedures such as fertility treatment and gender reassignment.

The technology retailer has announced a new range of diversity and inclusion policies today (26 June) after developing the ideas along with workers from all across the business.

Currys staff who need time off for IVF or fertility treatments can take paid leave for up to six appointments per cycle.

People undergoing gender reassignment surgery will also be able to take six weeks paid leave on a flexible basis which they can take for their appointments, surgery and post-op recovery.

Measures to expand support for their staff will also cover maternity, with support for people who have welcomed a prematurely born child into their family.

If a baby is born before the 37th week of the pregnancy, then an employee's maternity leave is extended by the number of days the child was born before their due date.

This seems like an unambiguous 'W' for Currys.
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For workers whose partner has given birth to a premature child there is also two weeks worth of compassionate leave on offer.

Two weeks of paid leave is also available to Currys staff who lose a child in pregnancy or have a partner who has done so, and this is available to people who are having a child through surrogacy too.

These new policies have been welcomed by Currys employee Sarah Burrows, co-chair of Pride at Currys who has recent experience with gender reassignment.

“I know first-hand the huge difference it will make. Financially, it’s significant – being able to take time off work without loss of income,” she said.

"It also gives crucial protection, and peace of mind knowing that your job is secure through what can be a long and difficult recovery."

“From an inclusivity standpoint it shows that, working at Currys, people are supported and allowed to be who they want to be."

Currys staff will get paid leave for IVF, fertility treatments, gender reassignment surgery and the circumstances around premature birth.
Goran Bogicevic / Alamy Stock Photo

Currys will also introduce a policy of support for their staff going through the menopause in the hopes of encouraging necessary conversations and ensuring people have necessary information to access support if they should need it.

Paula Coughlan, chief communications, sustainability and people officer for Currys, welcomed the wide range of changes the company was bringing in.

She said: "We want to ensure that colleagues feel supported in times of need, and we are working hard to create a culture where everyone feels they belong.

"When you’re going through a challenging time, either personally or as a family, this support can help ease worries around potential loss of income or job security.

"This is part and parcel of our ongoing commitment to wellbeing and our objective to have highly engaged colleagues and teams."

Featured Image Credit: Mark Richardson / Alamy Stock Photo / Goran Bogicevic / Alamy Stock Photo

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