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Woman sickened to discover she had slept with her brother after DNA test made shocking revelations

Woman sickened to discover she had slept with her brother after DNA test made shocking revelations

The US-born mother-of-two made the staggering discovery after ordering a DNA kit

When in high school, Victoria Hill briefly dated a boy from her class, embarking on one of her first ever sexual relationships with him.

The duo's relationship continued until they attended separate colleges.

Little did the now 39-year-old know, however, was that he would soon have a huge part to play in her adult life, after she discovered that the former couple are related.

The pair dated until college. (CNN)
The pair dated until college. (CNN)

US-born Victoria had grown up believing she only had one brother, with the two of them being brought up by their mum Maralee and the man they understood to be their father.

Hoping to find out more about her family history, later in life she opted to order a 23andMe test kit.

The married mother-of-two also endured several health ailments in the months prior, and hoped to discover whether the condition could be hereditary.

What she never expected to discover, however, was that the test kit would prove that she's actually one of at least 22 siblings.

Tragically, however, the DNA investigation also proved that the man she always believed to be her biological father was not.

Despite she and her brother consistently questioning why they don't look like the man they believed to have fathered them, they could never have predicted the subsequent discovery.

Only recently did Victoria make the staggering realisation. (CNN)
Only recently did Victoria make the staggering realisation. (CNN)

In another twist of fate, she learned that her mother was one of the countless local women who had reportedly been inseminated by a sperm of a fertility doctor.

It's said that Burton Caldwell, now 85, had used his own sperm in an attempt to 'assist' countless women who were desperate to get pregnant - without their consent or knowledge.

As such, it meant that 22 babies - born around the same time period - actually bore the same half-DNA.

At a high school reunion in that months that followed, Victoria broached the subject with her former boyfriend, recounting the heartbreak that her mother Maralee had recently endured.

He then underwent some research of his own, after discovering that he was also conceived using fertility treatment, and that he, too, was fathered by Burton Caldwell.

Burton Caldwell reportedly inseminated countless women. (CNN)
Burton Caldwell reportedly inseminated countless women. (CNN)

After he broke the news of his discovery to Victoria via text, she was left shellshocked.

"I'm traumatised at the thought I'd been intimate with my brother," she admitted.

"Now I look at people thinking, 'Well, if he could be my sibling anybody could be my sibling!'"

Catching up with Closer magazine, she continued: "I felt sick at the realisation I'd had sex with my half brother! I could only be grateful we never married or had kids.

"It's traumatising."

She has now reconnected with 22 of her half-siblings, but believes there could still be more out there.

"My children now have countless unknown relatives - which is scary," she said. "When they start dating, any potential partner will need to take a DNA test."

Victoria and her high school sweetheart share the same father. (CNN)
Victoria and her high school sweetheart share the same father. (CNN)

In the months that followed the startling discovery, Victoria tracked down Burton Caldwell and confronted him over his alleged actions, which sadly cannot be ruled as 'criminal' due to the lack of legislation surrounding fertility laws across many states.

Claiming the medic showed 'no remorse', she is now calling for a change in law, so that doctors found having committed the same crime are punished.

However, Caldwell and his attorney Patrick J. Sweeney 'deny all the allegations'.

The case will now be explored in an upcoming documentary titled Fertility Fraud: The Story of Dr. Burton Caldwell.

Featured Image Credit: CNN

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