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Terrified mum finds body of woman inside her son's bedroom

Terrified mum finds body of woman inside her son's bedroom

The body was wrapped up in plastic sheeting

One mum was left absolutely terrified after finding the body of woman inside her son's bedroom.

The mother, who has not yet been named, made the harrowing discovery after walking into her son's room around 1:15 am on Sunday (13 August) to investigate a 'distinct gas smell', according to Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Rosario Cervantes.

There she happened upon the gruesome crime scene - a dead woman wrapped up in plastic sheeting.

The mum, who hails from Los Angeles, California, was unsurprisingly horrified by the discovery and called the police.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, LAPD officers responded to the mother's 911 call and arrived at the residence which has been reported as being based in the 2200 block of Wall Street.

Local reports state that paramedics also attended the scene and immediately pronounced the woman dead.

A body was found wrapped in plastic in a Los Angeles home over the weekend.

The woman discovered in the bedroom has since been named by Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office as 30-year-old Hannah Rachel Collins.

It currently remains unclear just how long Collins had been dead for before the mum found her lifeless body.

Official are now investigating the horrific incident as a homicide.

Police are searching for the mother's son who has not been publicly named yet but has been reportedly identified as a 26-year-old man, the LAPD spokesperson said.

Authorities also have not yet disclosed a photo of the subject involved in the case.

It is not understood whether Collins knew the person who killed her and, at the time of writing, no arrests have been made surrounding the case.

Anyone who may have information that could help with the investigation is urged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.

Featured Image Credit: ABC 7

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