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Mum has no regrets after turning killer son in to police leaving him sentenced to life in prison

Mum has no regrets after turning killer son in to police leaving him sentenced to life in prison

She explained exactly why she would 'do the same again'

One mum has revealed she has no regrets after turning in killer son to police which ended up leaving him sentenced to life in prison.

Donna Delbono, 42, faced a parental nightmare after being forced to make the extremely difficult decision to turn in her 19-year-old son, Joshua Delbono, over to authorities.

After finding out about the heinous crime her child had committed, the mother-of seven opened up about what it was like making 'the hardest choice any parent will ever have to make'.

Donna Delbono had 'no regrets' turning in her 19-year-old son to authorities after he murdered a fellow teenager.
Avon and Somerset Police

Joshua had stabbed Charley Bates, who was just 16 years old at the time, to death in a pub car park in Radstock, Somerset, last July over a £20 debt.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Donna from Frome, Somerset, explained: "I was brought up to know the difference between right and wrong, and to always try to do the right thing in life, no matter how hard it is."

The woman went on to note that 'even though it was such a tough choice to make' she still has no regrets over it.

"I know I'd do the same again," she admitted.

Charley Bates
Charley Bates

"I couldn't have lived with myself if I'd chosen instead not to call the police," Donna added. "I feel terrible that Charley Bates lost his life and my sympathies go out to his family."

Donna's 999 call from that tragic day was played to the Bristol Crown Court as part of Joshua's two-week trial.

The jury heard the mother say: "My son's killed someone. It was at Radstock earlier. He's just come back and I've found out. He's in my house now but I can't let him go anywhere."

The 999 operator on the phone could be heard asking Donna if Joshua was aware that the call was playing out, to which she responded: "Yeah, he’s here. I’ve told him I’ve got to do it."

The distraught mum said she knows she'd  'do the same again'.

The distraught mother was alerted to the horrific news after coming home from a night out with friends by her daughter, Jade.

Jade had informed Donna of what Joshua had confided in her regarding the fatal incident which took place between himself and Charley.

She added: "Jade said he'd stabbed this boy, who he had never met before, then gone off to bed. I ran straight into his bedroom and turned on the light. Josh was asleep and I was shaking him awake, but when he came to he admitted everything."

Recalling the night, Donna revealed that her son was 'scared and didn't know what to do' upon which she made the difficult decision.

"I said there was only one thing he could do - hand himself in to the police," she continued.

Joshua, however, was 'too terrified' to do so.

Donna explained: "So I said if he wouldn't call them, I would. He just nodded. So I grabbed my phone and dialled 999."

"My son will have to live with this for the rest of his life," she concluded.

Joshua Delbono was sentenced to a minimum of 21 years in prison at Bristol Crown Court last Tuesday (11 April) for the murder of Charley Bates.

Featured Image Credit: Avon and Somerset Constabulary / Facebook

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