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Police share shocking note found in teenage girl's bedroom after killing Brianna Ghey

Police share shocking note found in teenage girl's bedroom after killing Brianna Ghey

'Girl X' and 'Boy Y' had planned the murder of transgender teenager Brianna for some time

Warning: This article contains details some readers may find upsetting

The two teenagers arrested and charged for the killing of 16-year-old Brianna Ghey were yesterday found guilty for her brutal and sickening murder.

Following a harrowing trial at Manchester Crown Court, the pair - known only as 'Girl X' and 'Boy Y' until the court wavers their anonymity next year - will receive the sentence in early 2024.

On 11 February this year, schoolgirl Brianna - who was transgender - had travelled from the adjoining town of Birchwood via bus to meet the female killer, who she believed was her friend at a library in the rural village of Culcheth in Warrington.

It was then that 'Girl X' and 'Boy Y' lured a socially-anxious Brianna to the nearby forested area of Culcheth Linear Park before subsequently stabbing her 28 times with a hunting knife.

Brianna was found by a dog-walker that called 999 after finding her severely injured at 3.13pm, before she was pronounced dead at the scene at 4.02pm.

The villainous pair currently can't be named for legal reasons, being that they were both 15 at the time of the murder.

16-year-old Brianna Ghey was murdered by two 15-year-olds in Culcheth Linear Park in February 2023.

They both denied killing the innocent teen, and even blamed each other for the crime during their numerous appearances in court.

A considerable amount of evidence against the duo had been gathered by investigating officers since Brianna's passing, however, including a chilling note found in 'Girl X's' bedroom which was subsequently read out during the trial.

"Meet Boy Y at wooden posts 1pm," it read. "Walk down to library ... bus stop.

"Wait until Brianna gets off bus then the 3 of us walk to linear park. Go to the pipe/tunnel area. I say code word to boy Y.

"He stabs her in the back as I stab her in the stomach. Boy Y drags the body into the area. We both cover up the area with logs etc."

'Girl X's' chilling note was found in her bedroom following Brianna's killing.

'Girl X' and 'Boy Y' - who both had an interest in serial killers and were fixated on torture and violence - had planned Brianna's murder for some time, and even had a list of five other individuals that they wanted to kill.

Arguably more heinous, however, is that the court heard that the duo had constructed an elaborate plan of covering up Brianna's murder within hours of stabbing her.

Messages on 'Girl X's' phone show that she texted 'Boy Y' telling him "woman got stabbed" in the park that same day, to which he replied, "Holy c**p", despite their later claims that they'd been present for her murder but blamed each other.

The following day, the female killer texted Brianna to say: "Girl, is everything okay? Some teenage girl got killed in Linear Park its on news everywhere.

"And why did you ditch us for some random man from Manchester. Like wtf?"

The teenager was murdered in broad daylight at a park in Cheshire.

Further messages discovered after Brianna's death showed the pair had previously discussed the feeling of taking another life, however.

'Girl X' - who admitted in the texts that she enjoyed 'dark fantasies' - was later described by Detective Chief Superintendant Mike Evans as the 'planner behind' the savage killing.

He told press: "She was really cruel. This girl was the one who has befriended and who has essentially instigated this attack throughout.

"She has been the planner behind it. She's been the person who was sending the text messages and ultimately lured Brianna out to her death and the murdered her in the coldest fashion."

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