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Dr Alex George Hits Out At Trolling Of Love Island's Chloe In Emotional Statement

Dr Alex George Hits Out At Trolling Of Love Island's Chloe In Emotional Statement

Ex Love Islander Alex lost his own brother to suicide last year.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Love Island alum Dr Alex George has penned an emotional statement after the recent trolling of Chloe Burrows sparked show execs to intervene.

The TV favourite said he had found the "hateful vitriol" being aimed at Chloe hard to swallow, and criticised "sickening" abuse and death threats being levelled at the new Love Island bombshell.

Fans took issue with Chloe after she coupled up with Aaron Francis - a move which meant she unwittingly sent fan favourite Shannon Singh home.

And her family have since issued a statement to say that she's been receiving hundreds of death threats and abusive messages, while ITV have also warned people to step back and be kind.

Having his own say on the cruel response Chloe had received since arriving in the villa, Dr Alex said: "I am shocked and appalled at what we have witnessed online over the last few days.

Dr Alex shared this statement on Insta (
Instagram/ Dr Alex George)

"I am saddened to see how much negativity and hate there has been online during this series of Love Island.

"Hard to comprehend that people are sending death threats and encouraging contestants to "kill themselves" just because they don't like what they are seeing on screen."

Alex - who is now working with the government as a Youth Mental Health Ambassador - went on to mention the tragic death of his brother, Llyr. Llyr passed away by suicide at the age of 19 last July.

Alex continued: '"As someone who has lost a brother to suicide, I find this truly sickening. Have we learnt nothing since the passing of our beloved Caroline Flack?

Dr Alex George lost his brother to suicide last year (
Instagram/ Dr Alex George)

"There is no justification for online bullying and abuse.

"Before you send hateful vitriol, have a little thing, what if that was your brother or sister receiving that. What if that was your child on the end of that hate?

"THINK before you type. Be kind. Always".

In a caption alongside the statement, which he shared on his Instagram, Alex wrote: "The online events of the last few days has been nothing short of shocking.

"As youth mental health ambassador I am currently working on an anti-bullying campaign, fair to say recent events have justified it's need more than ever. Please think before you type. Be kind".

Chloe received death threats for coupling up with Aaron (

It comes after Chloe's family wrote online last night: "We all have thick skin but the amount of trolling Chloe has been receiving is absolutely disgusting. This morning we woke up to yet another DM encouraging Chloe to kill herself - there have been HUNDREDS.

"Have the deaths of Sophie, Mike and Caroline taught us nothing?

"Not only that, but people are flooding her inbox threatening to kill her themselves. People... this is a GAME show, there is a cash prize!"

On Thursday evening, ITV took to Instagram with a statement (

They continued: "We understand the frustration surrounding @shannonsinghhh 's eviction - we feel it too! She didn't deserve to leave so early but Chloe does not deserve to DIE because Shannon had to leave the villa!

"She will have had no idea of the repercussions of her decision prior to making it."

We think it's time everybody steps back and remembers that words have consequences.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ ITV

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