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Celebrity Big Brother viewers hilariously react to Louis Walsh blaming Lauren Simon for eviction nomination

Celebrity Big Brother viewers hilariously react to Louis Walsh blaming Lauren Simon for eviction nomination

Louis was furious after he was nominated

Louis Walsh is blaming fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lauren Simon after he was put up for eviction from the house this week.

On Monday night's episode (11 March) Louis seemed disgruntled after he received a number of nominations and was therefore put up for eviction.

To rub salt in the wound, Louis missed out on a chance to be saved from the public vote after BFF Sharon Osbourne decided to save another housemate.

Louis wasn't impressed with the nominations.

It all unfolded when Sharon decided to save Zeze Millz, instead nominating Fern Britton instead.

Fern was pretty upset, but she and Sharon cleared the air after the X Factor judge explained her reasoning.

Louis, on the other hand, was pretty peeved about the whole scenario and in a conversation with Lauren - who was also nominated - he suggested a rather bizarre theory about why he might be up for eviction.

In fact, he even blamed Lauren and said it could be due to his association with her.

Lauren had also been nominated in the first eviction, which took place last week.

Suggesting to Lauren that it was perhaps because they were close in the house and other housemates wanted to split them up, Lauren was pretty confused.

Asking Louis if he believed he'd been put up for eviction because of their friendship, he said: "Yeah."

Lauren, who appeared upset, then added: "So it's my fault?"

Louis tried to backtrack a little but viewers at home were having none of it, with many left in shock that Louis had blamed Lauren for his nomination.

One wrote on X: "Not Louis trying to blame Lauren for his nominations. No luv you’re both equally insufferable."

While another said: "Not Louis trying to blame Lauren for why he got nominated... Lauren’s face when she realised he’s calling her the bad egg."

A third added: "Did I hear that right? Did Louis blame Lauren on his nomination because he was friends with her?!?!! No pls hahahahaha."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Did Louis just causally blame Lauren for why he is nominated?! LMFAO this man cracks me up."

Lauren seemed upset at the suggestion.

On Friday (8 March) Kate Middleton's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, was the first celeb to be kicked out of the CBB house.

He had been nominated by Sharon from day one of entering, meanwhile Lauren joined him after all the celebrities gave their nominations earlier in the week.

Celebrity Big Brother continues Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV.

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