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CCTV catches dog being dumped on side of road as owner speeds off

CCTV catches dog being dumped on side of road as owner speeds off

The short CCTV footage has many people angry and upset at the owner.

CCTV footage has caught the moment a pet owner dumped his dog on the side of the road, leaving many people upset and angry.

In a short 53-second CCTV snippet, an unidentified motorist can be seen parking his car up at the side of the road and removing his small dog from the car.

After checking around the area to make sure he is not being watched, the callous pet owner places his pooch on the other side of a wall as he goes back to his car.

What makes the video even more heartbreaking is as the man drives away, the dog can be seen confused and distressed as it jumps up to see where the owner has gone.

The upsetting footage was posted by local animal welfare charity Limerick Animal Welfare after residents on the Irish street contacted them after seeing the distressed pup.

The owner dumped his pup behind a wall on the side of a road.
Limerick Animal Welfare

Captioning the video on their Facebook page, Limerick Animal Welfare wrote: "CCTV captured this person callously dumping their little dog over the wall and drive away leaving the poor dog jumping up trying to get back to the owner.

"Sadly the car drives away leaving the abandoned dog, discarded, for someone else to pick up the pieces."

They added that the dog was being taken in by the charity with the hope they would be able to rehome them very soon.

Hundreds have flocked to the comment section of the Facebook post to give their thoughts on the upsetting video.

"Didn't deserve a dog in the first place glad the poor pet is safe and hopefully heading to a forever home that will give him or her the love and care every animal should have," one person wrote.

Meanwhile, a second added: "Unbelievable. How could someone do that to an innocent little dog."

The dog was visibly distressed as the owner drove away.
Limerick Animal Welfare

The incident caught on camera is actually the second incident of a dog being abandoned in Limerick recently, after the charity revealed a malnourished canine had been chained to a tree.

"The dog found chained to a tree this morning is now safe at LAW. We have named him Jack. The cruelty continues," they said.

"Jack looks like he has lived his life on a chain. His body condition is very poor as his coat hides the bones sticking out of his body. Jack’s coat is dry, full of natts and dirty.

"Jack will now be treated for parasites, vaccinated, and will be neutered when he has gained weight."

Featured Image Credit: Limerick Animal Welfare

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