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Little boy dies just months after his family found 'pea-sized' lump on his leg

Little boy dies just months after his family found 'pea-sized' lump on his leg

Eight-year-old Chandler Tran has tragically died a few months after his family found a lump on his leg

An eight-year-old boy has tragically died just a few months after his parents discovered a small lump on his leg.

Writing in a GoFundMe, the Tran family explained that on 15 April they were getting ready to settle down for the Easter break when they noticed that their young son Chandler was limping a bit.

The family discovered that the cause of the limp was a lump 'no larger than a pea' on their son's shin, and the bump didn't disappear.

It was then that the Tran family received the awful news that their young son had Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

Scans of Chandler's body showed that the tumours had spread to his lungs, leading him to be put on several rounds of chemotherapy.

His family said during the treatment he suffered from 'ongoing fevers, infections, and pain', spending a lot of time in the hospital including his eighth birthday.

Chandler was a huge fan of LEGO and received a set from the company as a gift.

Sadly, the cancer didn't respond to the treatment as hoped and continued to spread throughout the young boy's body.

Eventually doctors decided that a leg amputation above the knee was his only chance at survival, but that was also unable to contain the spread of the disease.

Doctors thought further treatment would not help, leaving his parents to decide not to put their son through another round of chemotherapy

On 26 November they updated the fundraiser with a heartbreaking piece of news.

They wrote: "Chandler chose to leave us peacefully in his sleep at 2AM on Friday 25th November, 2022.

"He waited until everyone had come to say their goodbyes for the day, and then for Mummy to go to sleep before taking his final little breath. We already miss him so much."

Young Chandler built more than 30 LEGO sets during his months of treatment.

A huge fan of Lego, Chandler completed more than 30 sets throughout his treatment.

Shortly before he died, the eight-year-old received a gift from his local Lego store in the form of an Eiffel Tower Lego set which hadn't yet been released to the public, which the family said made Chandler 'feel so special'.

The family have been asking for help with the cost of the tragic events which have befallen them, with their GoFundMe saying they hope people who hear about Chandler's story will help increase awareness of childhood.

They recently hit their goal of raising $100,000 to go towards the cost of Chandler's funeral and to help ease the financial burden placed on the family.

Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe

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