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ASDA Faces Backlash Over Christmas Advert

ASDA Faces Backlash Over Christmas Advert

Not everyone was a fan of the supermarket's latest advert to promote it's clothing range.

Supermarket chain Asda has come under criticism from shoppers for their recent clothing advert.

The clothing campaign, by in-house brand George, features a transsexual model wearing 80s disco clothes to promote their new range in time for Christmas.

However, although the campaign has been welcomed by most, outraged social media users have taken to Twitter, calling it "insulting" and "attention-seeking".

George by Asda shared a video on their social media channels featuring trans people strutting and dancing in their new festive range last week, writing: "Introducing; SLAY IT. 

"This is the collection that was born to stand out. 

"Show us how YOU Slay It this season being your fabulous selves and remember, this a judgement free-zone."

Asda's latest advert has caused a backlash by some viewers (

The post has received over 1,500 likes and over 1,000 comments on Twitter, with scores of viewers taking to the post to criticise Asda for the campaign.

One user aired their views in a tweet stating: "Oh do f**k off, you desperate, virtue-signalling, bandwagon-jumping, abbreviation-grabbing, attention-seeking a*******s."

Some Twitter users aired their views on the latest advert from Asda and its clothing line (

One user argued the advert is disrespectful to women, writing: "The most insulting advert to all women.  

"Using men to model clothes for women. Talk about female erasure.You have made me very very sad and disheartened. Your idea of inclusion excludes/erases 51% of the population #NoThankYou.”

Another said: "Woke points… and a nose dive in sales?"

Not everyone was a fan of the new 'Slay It!' advert from Asda (

Some Twitter users didn't understand why so many people took issue with the campaign.

One said: "People are really getting mad at this. If this is what counts as a serious problem for you, you're lucky not to have any real ones.

"Some people don't have anything at all for Christmas but 'oh no, not diversity on TV!'"

Another wrote: "I absolutely love how you've nailed this. I can't wait to get my husband a sparkly dress for Christmas."

A third shared: "I love this. It's really nice to see a big brand like George promoting gender neutral party clothes.

"And so sparkly too, we love."

Some viewers praised the Asda advert and didn't see the issue. (

The gender neutral clothing range is the brand's next step in changing opinions over the festive period. Earlier this year Asda donated £100,000 to Diversity Role Models to help to end LGBT+ bullying in UK schools.

Asda brought out the new range in partnership with Diversity Role Models, a UK LGBT+ education charity. 

They said: "[We are] tapping into meaningful insights in support of a community that at times doesn’t feel able to be their 'true selves' around family members."

An Asda spokesperson added: "The George Slay it Campaign highlights a positive message around inclusion during a time of year where many members of the LGBTQ+ community find it difficult to be their 'true selves'.

"As a diverse and inclusive business, we strongly believe that people from all walks of life should be represented equally and do not tolerate abusive comments directed towards any single group of people including those featured in our advertising campaign on social media.’"

Featured Image Credit: (Credit: Asda)

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