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Archie Battersbee's Mother Says Heart Rate 'Increases' When She Greets Him

Archie Battersbee's Mother Says Heart Rate 'Increases' When She Greets Him

The family's appeal against the High Court decision to switch off Archie's life support begins today.

Archie Battersbee's parents have been fighting to keep their son's life support machine switched on after he was found unconscious from participating in an internet challenge.

The mother of the 12-year-old, who appeared to have participated in a 'blackout challenge' that saw him render himself unconscious, is contesting the ruling in a bid to give her son more time to recover.

His mother Hollie Dance, 46, has now claimed his heart rate increases when he sees her, despite a High Court ruling last month claiming he was 'likely' 'brain dead' and his life support could be soon switched off.

The youngster's blood pressure also rose when his friends visited him, according to Hollie.

Speaking to The Mirror, the 46-year-old said of Archie's heart rate increasing: "It just fills me with hope."

Archie's family are appealing the court's decision.

The appeal against the High Court ruling that Archie's ventilator should be switched off is set to begin in the Family Division of the High Court today (July 11).

Hollie said of the initial ruling: "I am devastated and extremely disappointed by the judge's ruling after weeks of fighting a legal battle when I wanted to be at my little boy's bedside.

"Basing this judgment on an MRI test and that he is 'likely' to be dead, is not good enough. 

"This is believed to be the first time that someone has been declared 'likely' to be dead based on an MRI test."

Judge Arbuthnot, who made the ruling, said: "I give permission to the medical professionals at the Royal London Hospital to cease to ventilate mechanically Archie Battersbee."

Archie's parents' barrister, Edward Devereux QC, is now presenting evidence to argue that he is not 'beyond reasonable doubt' 'brain-stem dead' as has been claimed by doctors.

Archie's mum Hollie Dance.

The Christian Legal Centre is supporting the family's decision to appeal the initial ruling, which stated that Archie 'died at noon on May 31, 2022'.

Andrea Williams, the chief executive, said: "This case raises the significant moral, legal and medical question as to when a person is dead.

"Archie’s parents do not accept that he is dead and are fighting for his life. There is no clear definition of death in English law and a case like this has never come before an English court before.

"The outcome is crucial for Archie and his family, and anyone who cares about the value of life in this country."

The 12-year-old has been in a coma since he was discovered unconscious at home on April 7, as reported by the BBC, and he remains on a ventilator at the Royal London Hospital.

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