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Apple unveils new iPhone USB-C charger during live event

Apple unveils new iPhone USB-C charger during live event

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 15 series, with a huge change to its charging port

Apple has unveiled a new USB-C charger for iPhones during its live event.

The tech giant's CEO, Tim Cook, took to the stage today (12 September) to explain what we can all expect from the new iPhone 15 series.

As with any new model, there's been a lot of chatter about what features and gadgets customers will be able to enjoy when it finally becomes available.

And aside from the pretty hefty price tag, one of the most talked about changes to expect for the device has been the charger.

Previously, the iPhone has opted for a proprietary lightning cable, with other devices, including some in the Apple range, going for a USB-C cable point.

The iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port.

Well, that's soon to be a thing of the past, as Cook revealed that future devices will have USB-C ports.

It comes after the European Union ruled recently that all portable devices must be compatible with a universal charger by December next year.

The law is aimed at trying to reduce e-waste by bringing about a common standard.

The introduction of a USB-C port is pretty much one of the most anticipated features of the new iPhone and is something Apple customers were really expecting for this one.

It was pretty inevitable that Apple would have to switch from lightning to USB-C at some point and while it could have dragged its heels until next year's launch, this is the product launch everyone tipped the company to make the switch for.

The new iPhone 15 will go one sale this month.

Apple said it had 'no other choice' but to comply with European Parliament regulations which required all phones, tablets and handheld cameras to have a universal charging port.

But no matter what the motivation was behind the move, I think we can all agree it's about time.

Cook also claims that the screens will be tougher than ever before, which will be music to the ears of the very clumsy among us.

The camera has also had a bit of a facelift, with the photo app now automatically detecting if someone is in the picture you're trying to take and switching to portrait mode.

It will also have a mode that will allow users to filter out background noise and use its microphone to detect what you're saying instead.

But how much will all of this set you back?

The iPhone's new range of colours.

Well, the iPhone 15's price is listed at $799 while the iPhone 15 Plus will be selling for $899 over in the US.

This means that the prices have been frozen, with the phone costing the same as last year.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro will set you back $999, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max costing $1,199.

In the UK the iPhone 14 went on sale for £849 while getting the 14 Plus would cost you £949, so perhaps we could expect something similar if the prices are also not shifting this side of the pond.

Featured Image Credit: Apple

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