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Woman Caught Ranting About Her Colleagues During Zoom Call

Woman Caught Ranting About Her Colleagues During Zoom Call

Always check you’re on mute. Always.

It’s the worst working from home nightmare – one minute you're having a sneaky moan about your colleagues, the next thing you know, you realise they've heard the entire thing.

But that’s exactly what happened to Alexandra Ceberio, who was complaining about her new job before a colleague duly informed her that everyone could hear exactly what she was saying. Yikes.

Alexandra was Snapchatting pals (
Jam Press)

The 24-year-old from New York City was taking a quick break from work before a Zoom call when she started recording herself on her phone, complaining about her job in sales.

In the expletive-ridden rant, Alexandra said: "My work from home fit today, some f***ing bulls***, 'cause I got ready and everyone has their cameras off. 

"I got this frizzy ass gym hair from yesterday, this shirt is from..." 

Alexandra was showing off her outfit ahead of her Zoom call (
Jam Press)

One of her colleagues then cuts her short and interrupts, saying: “Hey guys, I can hear you, just so you're aware.”

Alexandra’s face freezes in shock. 

Speaking about the mortifying moment, she explained: “I always send my friends funny Snapchats.

“I was doing a ‘fit check’ every day for the first week of my new job. We were on a break, so I decided to record.”

Thankfully, none of Alexandra’s bosses or more senior colleagues were on the Zoom call, but she still found the moment highly embarrassing.

Alexandra was mortified (
Jam Press)

“As you can see, I literally froze when I realised they could hear me. I had forgotten everything I had just said at that moment. 

“No one at work has said anything, but I would not be surprised. I want to bring it up one day once I am more comfortable there"

Alexandra uploaded the video on TikTok on 13th July, and the post has garnered more than 960,800 views and 176,600 likes. 

One person commented: “Omfg! I passed out FOR YOU! I mean I would have fainted!”

“My biggest fear in the world,” another user agreed. 

Someone else said: “My jaw dropped I would quit and move lol.” [sic]

Alexandra quickly returned to her Zoom meeting (
Jam Press)

“I would have logged off and never looked back,” another user added. 

“Please tell me you made it to your third day of work,” someone else said. 

Alexandra added: “I think it's hilarious so many people have seen this and want to know more, and that it even went viral.

“The number of likes and views was not what I was expecting. 

“My friends think the attention I am getting is hilarious, they update me on stuff they see on social media before I do.” 

Despite the blunder, Alexandra is still employed.

In a follow-up video, she jokingly showed her followers that she had made sure her next Zoom call was on mute with the camera off.  

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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