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Women are sharing how often they wash their bras

Poppy Bilderbeck

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Women are sharing how often they wash their bras

Featured Image Credit: Arturs Budkevics/nerijus jurevičius/Alamy

A TikTok trend has seen women opening up about just how often they actually get round to washing their bras.

Look, we've all been there. Having got back in from a long day at work and having forgotten - or simply not having the energy - to sort through a pile of dirty laundry, load it into the washer and then haul it onto a drying rack.

So why add to the pile with multiple bras, when you can wear the same one for a couple of days - or according to some women, even longer - at a time?

Bra-wearers have been taking to TikTok to reveal just how long they've re-worn the same bra without washing it and it's pretty much on par with how frequently a lot of us wash our sheets.

Catch the TikTok here:


A user named Renee Hogan got the ball rolling when she posted a 'Get Ready With Me (GRWM)' video on the platform.

Halfway through getting dressed, the TikToker asked followers: "I'm curious. How often do you guys wash your bras? Sometimes I go a week without washing my bra.

"But like, I have small boobs, so like I don't really have boob sweat."

The post has since amassed over a million views, hundreds of thousands of likes and hoards of comments, with bra-wearers across the world having flooded to the video to debate how long is socially acceptable to re-wear a bra for.

One user - who could be joking, or simply representing the voice of the masses considering the comment has accumulated over 8,000 likes - stated: "I wash my bra like once a year tbh."

Another agreed: "A week? you're better than all of us lol."

"I go months hahaha," a third chimed in.

However, another user clearly has their s**t together a whole lot more than the rest of us, as commented: "Daily goes in the wash end of each day and clean one in the morning."

It turns out that many don't wash their bras as often as they should... Credit: Shutterstock
It turns out that many don't wash their bras as often as they should... Credit: Shutterstock

One user summed the whole ordeal up perfectly: "I genuinely do not know I just wash it randomly after going 'hey I should probably wash that ig'."

If you want to find out how often you should ACTUALLY be washing your bras, however, then Garment Tech Manager at Boux Avenue, Elaine Hardwick, has all the answers.

If you found Renee's question as painfully relatable as I did, you can keep up with more of her content on TikTok or via the Hogan Twins on YouTube.

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Poppy Bilderbeck
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