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Women shocked at female urinals saying they ‘couldn’t be worse’

Women shocked at female urinals saying they ‘couldn’t be worse’

One woman found a nasty surprise

Women on TikTok are shocked over the state of the female urinals at a festival.

You can watch the clip below:

In the clip, shared by @peequal_uk, one woman can be seen heading into the female urinal before looking totally disgusted at what she finds.

Captioning the video, they explain: "When you find another poo in the women's urinal."

Oh dear...

And people discussing the video were equally stunned.

One person commented on the TikTok: "I have had literal nightmares of bathrooms like this my whole life."

While another added: "I’m guessing it happens a lot on accident right? Squatting and peeing and then oops?"

And a third said: "I have seen this in a nightmare im not even joking."

One woman can be seen heading into the female urinal before looking totally disgusted.

The video was shared by Peequal - a company that has set up the UK's first female urinals, which are now often seen at festivals across Britain.

Founders, Amber and Hazel, found that after working at festivals for many years, they would often have to choose between getting food or using the toilet due to the crazy long queues.

"Working at festivals, we had to choose between going to the loo or getting food, as the queues for the women's toilets were just too long," they explain.

"This was common at every event we went to. From sports events, to theatres, to park toilets, women have to expect to wait in line. 

​"So, driven by curiosity and a restlessness for a product that solves our own problem, we set out to fight the women's toilet queue."

The urinals are meant for urine only!

In each urinal, toilet roll is provided as well as hooks for bags and jackets, sanitary bins, and some sanitary products, too.

Peequal have also clarified that the urinals are for urine only!

"Our urinal is for pee only!" They explain.

"We have signage and posters on the product to communicate how it is used, however, we understand that this is a change of behaviour and might take some time to get used to. We encourage people to use the other facilities for anything more than a pee, but we will clean the product effectively in the case of a poo/blockage."

Peequal also explained they have designed the urinals with safety in mind, using a raised platform to remove the feeling of vulnerability; an overlapping screen to make entering touch free; a team of staff and a separate space in a sectioned off area.

You can find out more info here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@peequal_uk

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