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Woman’s video criticising man’s actions in gym sparks debate

Woman’s video criticising man’s actions in gym sparks debate

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A woman has sparked debate online after sharing a video of a man who was 'staring at her' while working out in the gym.

TikToker @jessica.frndz shared the now-viral clip, which showed the man 'staring' at her from behind as she worked out.

You can watch the video below:

"This is how not to approach girls at the gym," it begins.

In the video, Jessica counts how many times the man can be spotted staring, before explaining that because of the 'mirrors everywhere' it was easy to 'catch people in the act'.

Jessica, who obviously feels uncomfortable in the clip, continues with her workout, before stopping temporarily to switch up her weights for a heavier set.

The man comes over and tries to intervene by assisting her in placing one of the weights on the barbell.

"This is what women mean by staring at them like a piece of meat... Why is walking over?" she says, adding: "You don't have to do that it's okay," as he tries to lift the weight onto the bar for her.

"This is ridiculous. I gotta' be careful," she added, adjusting her shorts and explaining: "Adjusting my shorts bc I think I am the problem and blaming myself bc of the deeprooted misogyny I was brought up with."

Jessica shared the clip online.

Jessica ended the clip by repeatedly saying she didn't 'feel safe' - but some people have taken issue with her claims.

The video, which was reshared online, has created a debate among other social media users.

While many firmly stood with the woman - with many able to understand exactly how she was feeling and some admitting they now only ever workout at home - others were less sympathetic.

One person wrote: "This is why I workout at home now."

While another said: "We really do need to return to men and women only spaces, but nowhere is this more apparent than in gyms."

The clip led to a debate online.

Others disagreed, with some claiming the man was not 'staring' at Jessica.

One wrote: "Any possibility to him looking at the camera recording him?"

And another said: "I don’t think you know the definition of “staring” he occasionally glanced in your direction like every human does."

Others meanwhile, thought the man was simply waiting to use the equipment.

In a tweet shared on Monday, Jessica said: "I will be coming out with a response to this whole gym situation in a few days. I'm sorry."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jessica.frndz

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