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Woman thinks she paid £10 for designer dress from charity shop that could be worth nearly £10,000

Woman thinks she paid £10 for designer dress from charity shop that could be worth nearly £10,000

Talk about an incredible find...

Charity shops can be real treasure troves and every so often, there's a story about a person who bags themselves literal treasure for a fraction of its real price.

Case in point, this woman thinks she managed to bag herself a vintage Versace dress of all things for just £10 in a charity shop.

Taking to TikTok, Sarah Dunk, 28, shared a video of herself excitedly pointing out the vintage garment on the charity shop rack.

The camera then zooms in on the admittedly stunning dress before she reveals that it has a Gianni Versace label.

Sarah, from Toronto, Canada, clearly loves it too and described the dress as 'stunning' and 'perfect'.

When she pointed out the dress to her friend, she said: "Don't wanna be dramatic, but, that over there, you're gonna freak out."

She then reveals that the item is on sale for just C$17.49, which is the equivalent of just over £10, and ends the video by saying: "Stay tuned, everybody."

Sara added to the excitement she felt about her find in the caption, writing: "I have no words."

Sarah couldn't believe her eyes.

As you can imagine, the video has gone far from unnoticed since it was posted on 5 March, and it's already been viewed over 15 million times.

Prior to making the find, Sarah was already well-known on the platform for her thrifting and she told Insider that's why she immediately began to record when she found the dress.

"I checked the tag and when I saw what it was, the adrenaline immediately kicked in! That was the moment I clicked record on my phone," she told the news outlet.

In an update, Sarah confirmed that she bought the dress.

Reacting to the find, one TikTok user gushed: "My jaw dropped. That’s not just Versace it’s VINTAGE Versace. Best find ever!!"

"I am shocked someone just donated a vintage Gianni Versace piece," added a second viewer.

Sarah obviously bought the dress.

A third revealed its potential price, writing: "I just looked this up on 1st dibs - from 1992 collection $9800."

"What's it like being gods favourite [sic]," questioned a fourth while a fifth joked: "Um excuse me I was actually about to buy that please put it back [sic]."

After reading the comments, Sarah thanked TikTok users for letting her know how much the piece was worth as she said she was struggling to make the revelation herself.

Have you ever found a gem like this in a charity shop? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dunk.sarah

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