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Woman who was trying for a baby for more than a decade welcomes quadruplets

Woman who was trying for a baby for more than a decade welcomes quadruplets

New mum Nilgun Turan welcomed two daughters and two sons

A woman who has been trying to have a baby for more than a decade has given birth to quadruplets.

Nilgun Turan, from Pegnitz near Nuremberg, Germany, sought treatment at a fertility clinic in Northern Cyprus after experiencing fertility issues.

The new mum has now welcomed two girls and two boys by caesarean at the University Clinic of Erlangen, Bavaria.

New parents Nilgun and Kayhan have welcomed quadruplets.

Prof Dr Sven Kehl said that Nilgun and her babies were doing fine following the surgery, in a statement obtained by Newsflash.

"The birth took place in the 35th week of the pregnancy, five weeks prior to the regular date. This is an unusually minor difference for the birth of quadruplets,” Dr Kehl, who performed the caesarean, explained.

He added: “Each of the babies weighs between 1,500 and 2,500 grams. They have been breathing effortlessly without assistance from the very start.

"The whole team of doctors, midwives and nurses are profoundly content with the smooth procedures.

“We are happy they are doing fine. This must not be taken for granted when it comes to the birth of quadruplets."

Dr Patrick Morhart, who heads the University Clinic's pediatric department, added: “Quadruplets are a sensational occasion each medic gets to experience probably just once in their lifetime."

The parents had been trying for a baby for over a decade.

Quadruplets are very rare and scientific statistics show that they occur in around one in 700,000 pregnancies.

In comparison, twins occur in one in 250 pregnancies and triplets in around one in 10,000 pregnancies.

And, according to the clinic's gynaecologist, a quadruplet birth has only happened once in 100 years at the 'tradition-rich hospital'.

The baby girls have been named Kiymet Neva and Amine Nermin, while their brothers were given the names Mustafa Kayhan and Mahmut Goekhan.

All four births took place on 18th August and after the births, mum Nilgun was ordered to stay at the hospital’s neonatology unit for around three weeks so she could be monitored as a precaution.

Quadtruplets are considered very rare.

The mum and her babies have all since been discharged and are healthy.

Speaking to local media, Nilgun said: "Everyone has treated us so kindly here. We felt really comfortable at any stage."

Her husband and father of the four bundles of joy, Kayhan, added: "We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved, from the doctors to the carers and midwives.

"They have enabled us to settle down at home with our lovely children barely three months after their birth."

Elated, the dad added: "Managing daily life will certainly be challenging. However, we consider it as the most beautiful challenge there is.

"I just hope I'll be able to tell them apart!"

Congratulations to this family!

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash / Svitlana Makarova / Alamy

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