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Woman slams couple after their child ruins celebration lunch by singing 'Let It Go' over and over

Woman slams couple after their child ruins celebration lunch by singing 'Let It Go' over and over

The diner was in no mood to hear a Disney hit over lunch

It may have arguably been Disney's biggest song of the past twenty years, but one woman was certainly in no mood to 'Let It Go'.

A user on Mumsnet took to the site to vent after her celebration lunch was 'ruined' by a child singing the ballad, which first appeared in Disney's 2013 hit Frozen.

While usually sung by Princess Elsa, it was this time performed by a young girl in the restaurant.

Let It Go was first sung by Princess Elsa in the 2013 film Frozen.

Ranting to her fellow users, the anonymous woman fumed: "Near us was a group which a young couple with their two children. One was a babe in arms who cried - fair enough, babies cry and after a while of not being able to quiet him or her, dad went out and walked around outside.

"Much appreciated that he did that. However, the other child, a girl of about 5 or 6, was allowed to sing, at the top of her voice for over an hour."

A hour of the same song is a bit much for most people to handle - but the girl's parents reportedly didn't do anything to put a stop to their daughter's musical expression.

The Mumsnet user wrote: "I get it is hard to manage kids in public sometimes but you could see people looking from all over the restaurant."

The setting also played a part in the user's frustration, as the restaurant was seemingly rather high end.

She wrote: "If we had been in the local pub I would not have thought twice.

"But in a place which is way out of most peoples usual daily reach, am I unreasonable to think those parents should have said something to this child and told her to stop?"

The kid apparently sung the same line over and over 'for a f**king hour'.
George Impey / Alamy Stock Photo

In a comment to her rant, the user clarified that the restaurant being pricey furthered her frustration with the tuneful tot.

She wrote: "I am usually quite laid back about it but in a place where lunch is going to cost £60 - 70 minimum before drinks I really think they should have shut her up. Or left. Or not gone.

"Which would be sad for them, but why should everyone else suffer through it."

And commenters on the forum soon rallied to the support of the unnamed complainant.

One said: "I hate noisy kids. I can't cope with my own shouting or singing," as another commented: "Absolutely ridiculous (them not you). So inconsiderate.

"My 5yr old has his faults but absolutely knows how to behave in a restaurant and wouldn't even go on like that in a McDonald's. No matter what it costs you should be mindful of others."

Featured Image Credit: Anna Berkut / Adrian Sherratt / Alamy Stock Photo

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