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People Divided At Woman's Response To Catcaller

People Divided At Woman's Response To Catcaller

The woman had a pretty funny response, but people had a lot of thoughts.

People on social media are divided over a woman's response to being catcalled on the streets in New York.

You can watch the moment below:

TikToker @rebekahlindsayyyy took to the video sharing platform to post the clip after she was walking down a street in New York, and a man sitting with a group of other men decided to speak to her.

"Gotta protect yourself on the streets of NY," she captioned the video.

But people in the comments were pretty divided over the clip.

While some found the response hilarious and vowed to use it themselves in the future, others were not in agreement. Meanwhile, some said they would have been terrified to do the same if they faced a similar situation while walking alone.

The woman was walking down the street in New York when she was approached (

One person wrote on TikTok: "USING THIS FOREVER," while another said: "I don’t know you but I’m proud of you."

A third added: "This is iconic ngl."

Others disagreed, with another person commenting on the video: "All he said was have a good day at work…," with another writing: "He was being nice though."

But others quickly rushed to the comments to clapback, with one responding: "All the ppl saying he was just being nice. u think he was saying that to every man who passed by? men know what theyre doing, just leave us alone."

People were divided over the clip (

Another added: "Everyone read the room, he wouldn’t be saying that to an old man walking by. it’s cat calling cause he’s tryin to get the attention of a young lady."

Some said they would be 'too scared' to say something in a similar situation, with another woman admitting: "Yikes I’m too scared to ever talk back like that."

How would you feel in this situation?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rebekahlindsayyyy

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